Jenny & Brice {Wedding Day}

The proof is on the contract.  Right there on the i in Brice’s name, Jenny drew a heart instead of dot.  It’s a minor detail that most may not have given much attention to, but it’s actually very telling of the way she feels about him.  She still carries the excitement of just the idea of him to this day – and she may have dotted the i in his name with a heart  all those years ago when they worked at Dairy Queen together after school, but she still does the same thing to this day – and still feels the giddy, school girl love that she always has.

Brice – more subdued and less animated than Jenny shows his admiration not in drawing hearts nor with the giddiness of  youth, but with the strength of simply placing his hand on her back and guiding her through a crowded room.  Always being ready to catch her when she falls, and steadying her with his fortitude and steadfast love.

The love they hold for the other is different – she may be butterflies and i’s dotted with hearts while he is endurance and patience – but no matter what kind of love they each have for the other, they both fuse into the creation of a bond that can never be broken.  Throughout time when the years have aged them and they’ve grown old together – I still imagine Jenny excited because Brice is there to experience life with, and Brice – committed and true – simply putting his hand on the small of her back and guiding the way.

Enjoy Jenny & Brice’s wedding day.

Jenny – you are so beautiful and radiant.  Inside and out.  You are SUCH a knock out!

And Brice – you are all moral fiber and accomplished, but somewhere deep inside you… is a super model.

It’s only appropriate that someone entertaining, sweet, and gorgeous have 6 bridesmaids with all the same attributes.  These girls are the sweetest women you’ll ever meet!

We wish we could have been in the bus when we pulled into the Carnival storage area.  I guarantee there was complete and utter silence followed by “What in the world are we doing here?”  For those who didn’t believe in our vision, we were there for this…

2nd stop still filled with hotness…

Jenny + Brice 4 ever

Everything about the day up to this point was beautiful.  The colors, the fresh look, and the attention for detail.  And then we walked into the reception and our world was officially ROCKED.

The colors and fun vibe of the day was executed down to every last detail.

The LeClaire Room is SUCH a gorgeous venue with an amazing atmosphere and INCREDIBLY delicious food.  (They had me at “provel cheese”)

(PS – Kem… looks like your leaf blower test stood true.  Good work.)

UM… yes we’ll take a little “Holy hotness” with an archway.  Thank you.

Jenny & Brice – we can’t thank you enough for matching your wedding day with our new color scheme.  That really was sweet of you.  😉

You two have many wonderful years in your future and our hope is that you still look at one another with as much love and admiration as you did on your wedding day.  Best wishes to you both!

XOXO – Karin & Roger

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Sherree Lynn - I always say your photography can’t get any better with each wedding I look at, but with each one, it does! I look at your work, and can envision you and Roger taking photo’s for upscale magazines and movie stars on the red capet at the Academy Awards. These photos aren’t even of my own wedding, but I enjoy looking at each one as if it were because the photos are simply gorgeous. Your work just blows me away…it’s easy to see why you are booked so quickly each year. 🙂 Hugz to you both!

Laura Ranger - Well Karin and Roger…I couldn’t wait to see your first wedding on your new site and what can I say, just truly Beautifully Amazing!! The yellow and grey in this wedding is just striking! LOVE IT!

Jamie - I LOVE IT! I love the blog post and each of these fabulous photos! Jenny – you are gorgeous!!!! Jenny & Brice and their families put a lot of thought into their ceremony and reception. And, it shows. They did not miss a single detail. Well done, Karin & Roger! You captured the details, the fun, and most importantly, the love between Jenny & Brice.

Jenny Donnelly - So I had to go to a funeral yesterday and I knew the blog post was going up and I was so sad people were going to see it before me. And then after the funeral Brice and I had to run to the mall and while I was in a dressing room he pulled it up on his iphone. And then, I proceeded to stand in the middle of the aisle at Macy’s and look at every picture, and strain my eyes to read your post in teeny-tiny iphone size, and tear up while Brice was checking out for me. AMAZING!!! Karin and Roger, you are brilliant. I know you hear it all the time, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You captured the love and fun of our day just like I knew you would, which is why I didn’t cry when the day ended. I knew I could count on you. Thank you.

P.S. It will make my dad so proud to see you mentioned his leaf blower test! Thanks for that!

Ashlee Erlinger - Holy goosebumps!!!! So fantastic!

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