Jenny & Brice {Engaged}

They went to Jr.High together although they didn’t really know one another.  She does remember him jumping of the stage in the gym and breaking his arm, and felt sorry for him in High School when they no longer allowed student to wear hats – because Brice was already balding.  (She said it Brice – not me.)  But as fate would have it – they both got a job at Dairy Queen their senior year.  He would drink that Mister Misty juice straight and she found that very, very strange.  After graduating and hanging out more often, Jenny called Brice and asked him if he wanted to go to DQ for lunch (or some Mister Misty juice) and he excitedly said yes.  From there they went back to his parents, petted his dog, and held hands.  And the rest it history.

Several years later on Brice’s 30th birthday, he surprised Jenny by showing up on a girl’s night out.  The girls – knowing of what Brice had planned – strategically left her alone with him.  When she walked from the bathroom into the empty restaurant – Brice stood there alone – waiting.  As she walked up to him he got down on one knee and asked if she would do him a favor on his birthday, and be his wife.  He handed her a beautiful ring box that was the box his grandmother’s ring was in when his grandfather proposed.  It had been 11 years since that day at Dairy Queen, and Brice still managed to shock her.  She cried and exclaimed “All I got you for your birthday was boxer shorts and a book.”  She also exclaimed yes.

They’ve spent 11 years moving back and forth, living in different cities, going to school, doing different jobs…  after April on 2011 when they become husband and wife, they look forward to finally just being together.  (And for the record, they also look forward to the party that will kick it all off!)  Enjoy Jenny & Brice’s engagement photos!!

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Jamie Lane - Fabulous photos! I am so thrilled that Jenny & Brice are getting married! Their journey has been a long one, but it ends with happily ever after!

Jenny Conrad - FABULOUS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love them! I cannot wait to see the rest.

Amanda Zika - These pictures are gorgeous as well as the story. I bet you capture the wedding just as flawlessly 🙂

Jessica Zobrist - Like always, you’ve DONE IT AGAIN!!! I love all of these, not possible to pick a favorite! Jenny, you look absolutely gorgeous!

Jenny Conrad - P.S. My mom totally cried when she read your recap of our engagement story. I hadn’t even started the slide show yet. Too cute.

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