Jennifer & Steven {Wedding Day}

Jennifer and Steven were married on a gorgeous Saturday in September.  I’ll have to admit – Mother Nature has really been attempting to redeem herself after the summer we endured.  The temperature was perfect and there was nothing but beautiful sun.

I apologize, because I know I sound like a broken record… but I ADORE Jennifer & Steven.  I’m fairly certain I have a crush on them.  And I can’t speak for Roger on this – but I think he may have a crush on them too.  Maybe they remind us of ourselves… only they are younger, blonder, and sexier.  Or maybe – we see what everyone that knows them sees… beautiful, down to Earth, lovable people.  These two both come from families who are great examples of how to treat your spouse, and have a group of friends that will offer them strength throughout the years.  We are so sincerely thrilled to have not only been a part of Jennifer and Steven’s day, but just to know the two.  Enjoy their special day.

Don’t worry – there are several more animals Roger photographed.  Most grooms that Roger have talked to Roger longer than 5 minutes knows his feelings about stuffed animals, so it was no surprise to go through many, many photographs such as these.and while Roger went overboard with the animals, I went over board with Jennifer… um, I think you can see why.

Steven and groomsmen… you’re hot.

Jennifer’s bridesmaids were ridiculously gorgeous.  Major.

Jennifer and I are the same height, wear the same size shoes, and have the same ring size.  And while our pant size is likely dramatically different – it felt so nice photographing someone my size.

Jennifer – you are SO incredibly gorgeous inside and out.  I just cannot get over how beautiful you were on your wedding day, and how happiness radiates from you.  I’m going to use this photo Roger took of you as my desktop wallpaper it makes me so happy.
Steven… I’m not afraid to say it… you’re hot.
I love when people hire professional models for their wedding party.  That’s so smart.

It just doesn’t get any prettier.  Truly.

Often imitated, but never duplicated – “The Shoe Game”e by dj/emcee Matt Lampe of Nightlife Entertainment kept everyone in tears with laughter.  If you’ve never seen Matt in action – you are truly missing out!Who knew a mini golf corse could look this sexy?

Jennifer & Steven – I cannot even imagine the beautiful babies you two will make.  I cannot wait to watch your love and family grow throughout the years and watch what happiness truly looks like.  You two are absolutely adorable and we are so very happy for you!  Congrats!

For your visual pleasure please watch the slideshow.  It’s sort of awesome.

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Jennifer Brinkman - Karin & Roger- We cannot thank you enough for the amazing work that you two did!!! We laughed, cried (well maybe just me), all of the above when steven and I first looked at these pictures together. I knew that you guys were amazing at what you do, but DAMN….. I don’t think there is any words that can descride your work! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a stalker looking at my own pictures, i can’t look away. hehe Agian, we are so thankful and are truely blessed to have you share the most important day of our lives! We love you guys!!
Now back to my stalking! 🙂

Laura - What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Karin…these photos are awesome, what a lucky couple to have you and Roger photograph them!!:)

Amy Pilger - Oh my, apparently I am a sucker for wedding pictures, I met Jennifer at an Arbonne spa party and she caught my heart. She was the sweetest woman there. I remember her already talking about her wedding. What a lucky guy! I am so grateful that she asked me to vote for her and her new husband! Congratulations and good luck Jennifer!

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