Jennifer & Ned {engaged}

Jennifer & Ned went to school together their entire lives.  Hanging out in the same circles, but never dating.  Mutual friends would tell Jennifer that Ned liked her and that she should go out with him, but she would dismiss the notion because she treasured their friendship and never wanted to lose that.  During college Jennifer found herself newly single, and there was Ned – right there waiting.  He’d been patiently waiting as if he knew it would eventually happen.  And happen it did.  They dated for about a year and then had some time apart.  Admittedly, it may not be the way it happens in fairytales.  Real life isn’t perfect, but sometimes puts two people perfectly back together.  And that’s just what happened.  No one else got her like he did.  No one else looked at him like she did.  And together the two decided to make a go of it again, and this time it would never end.

They’d been dating for 6 years after that decision and Jennifer was anticipating a proposal may be coming sooner or later.  He wanted to be able to surprise her with it because she was so difficult to surprise.  And without her knowing, he managed to not only plan the proposal, but ask her parents as well.  A day after Ned’s birthday, on just an average Sunday – Ned and Jennifer went out to dinner.  She figured they were just celebrating his birthday, so she was taken back when HE gave HER a gift.  It was a photo album and was filled with photos of the two of them.  When she finally got to the last page she read the words “Will you marry me?” and with that he pulled out a ring.  At that very moment Jennifer had a panic attack.  Caught so off guard, she was sweating and couldn’t breathe.  Finally pulling herself together, Jennifer said yes.

Jennifer and Nate are planning a wedding for next spring, and both are hoping for the event to be panic attack free!!  (we are too!!)) 😉

Enjoy a few photos from Jennifer & Ned’s engagement session!!!

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