Jennifer & Corey {Wedding Day}

Jennifer & Corey got married in Clinton County IL on a beautiful (and hot) Saturday in June.  Some of you reading this have no idea where Clinton County is, some of you have heard of it – but don’t know much about it, and some of you call it home.  We’ve been to Clinton County alot in the past year or so – and there is ALOT to learn when you are going to be shooting weddings there.  It’s like going to a differnent country or planet.  I realize that those of you who have never heard of C.C. are wondering why I am generalizing the entire county into one group – which brings me to lesson 1…

Clinton County is basically one huge town.  Everyone knows everyone, has the same traditions, and you need not refer to which town you live in – you simply let them know the county which where you reside.  Very important.Lesson 2: Clinton County grooms are typically laid back and easy going.  And – man’s man handsome.  Love me some manly men!3: Family is important.  And cute.4: Brides are just plain pretty, but don’t know just how much.  They are sweet and down to Earth.  And did I mention… pretty?5: They grow the kids cute there.  Must be all the Ski. (See # 11)6: you’ll 100% wish that the maid of honor was your best friend too.  They are the cutest, sweetest, best friends that you can find.  Need a good girlfriend?  Move to Clinton County.7: Daddies always find it a big deal to give their baby girls away.  It’s magical.
8: Churches are GORGEOUS in Clinton County.  We’ve never been to an ugly one.  And honestly – most of the churches are Catholic.  We’ve never shot a Protestant ceremony there, and I personally am convinced that the entire county is Catholic.  Catholics with pretty churches.  Amen.(off the subject – doesn’t the Priest look mesmerized by their rings?  They must be fancy!!)9: During communion at the Catholic ceremonies – brides ALWAYS flirt with the groom and laugh at their jokes while the priest isn’t looking.  It is by far my favorite part of the ceremony!

10: Kisses are heartfelt, however this dip was one of the best we’d seen!
11: O.K.  Pay attention closely here… If your in Clinton County – you’ll have to drink Ski.  It’s an unspoken understanding.  If you aren’t drinking a beer (which isn’t likely in Clinton County) you are drinking ski.  You can also drink ski with flavors, or alcohol, or frozen.  But kick back and plan to be refreshed with this green bottle of goodness.12: Babies in bars are not only acceptable – teaching them young is encouraged.13: The Best Man is going to be a good time.  Period.14: The wedding party is going to be big (and attractive), and your Ushers will pull double duty as your bus drivers.  (It’s confusing isn’t it???)15: Grooms are SUPER sweet to their brides!16: Sorry – this has absolutely nothing to do with Clinton County.  I just like the photo.  Jennifer is a school teacher, so she sassed it up for me in front of a random school bus.  Loved it.17: Wedding parties are your best friends, your family, and your circle of strength.  It’s basically like a gang only without weapons and anger, but with cocktails, hugs, and fist bumps.  18: This is by far the most intriguing part for those of you who aren’t from Clinton County and who have never been to a Clinton County wedding… at the reception – the couple and the wedding party are going to come in (not be announced people – just mosey on in unannounced), eat, and then leave to go bar hoping.  Go ahead… I’ll wait while you re-read that.

This was the biggest learning curve when landing as a photographer in Clinton County.  We still don’t fully understand it, but we’ve come to grips with it and embraced their love for drinking.  It’s just how they roll.19:  Sorry.  I have absolutely no explanation for this.20: Finally – brides and grooms are truly…sweetly…madly in love!  Just like brides and grooms everywhere.  

So, if you find yourself in Illinois in the city of Breese, Carlyle, Centralia, Trenton, Albers, Aviston, Bartelso, New Baden, Keyesport, Germantown, Beckemeyer, or Damiansville… there is no need to tell people the name of the city – because you are in Clinton County.  Hopefully these pointers will help you if you end up there, but if not – go to the nearest bar, order up a cold one, and be prepared for a good time!

Jennifer and Corey – you are dolls, what can I say?!!  I love that the two of you are best friends and have been longer than you can remember.  I love that your love is simple and genuine and timeless.  And I love that on your wedding day – everything and everyone that mattered to you was there to celebrate with you, cheer for you, and love you – right there in Clinton County!!!  Cheers!

Want more C.C. and Jennifer and Corey?  Watch the video below!!!

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Michelle - I think you summed up CC very nicely. Good job 🙂

Uncle Tom - Nice pictures! Shame no pictures of 3 uncles with their “new” coats.

Jennifer - I absolutely LOVE the pictures and video!! You did an amazing job and exceeded all of my expectations!! Can’t wait to get together for the rest!!

Nikki Emgi - I swear Karin we love you in Clinton County…you should just get a second home here:) The pictures are beautiful as ever!!

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