Jenna & Paul {married}

We met Jenna before there was talk about a wedding.  She did our refinance for our home loan and we loved her right off the bat.  When it comes to numbers and percents it’s pretty easy to make me feel like I’m 15 and lost in Algebra class again.  But Jenna made the process so comfortable and even enjoyable.  So a couple months later when she contacted about her wedding we were extatic.  We also found out in the process that Jenna’s youngest sister (who we ADORE) was dating our son.  Definitely a small world.  To say we think the world of Jenna and her family is an understatement, so we were so thrilled that she and Paul chose us to capture their day and be a part of their family and friends as they said their “I dos”.

A February wedding normally doesn’t worry me much, but the scary Polar Vortex had me constantly keeping an eye on the forecast.  The day before the wedding it sleeted and snowed and didn’t show a ton of sign of stopping.  But thank goodness it did stop, and ended up providing a gorgeous backdrop for a winter wedding.  Everything about this day was perfection and the love could not only be seen, but felt.  Enjoy the beautiful wedding day of Jenna and Paul!

Main Street Florist in Carlinville always knocks it out of the park.  The bride and her bridesmaids just gushed over the bridall bouquet and how perfectly Jenna it was!!Jenna seriously – you are one of those people that have a spark and a light about you on a normal day – but on your wedding day you glowed!!  So beautiful!Paul – I know you don’t usually wear a suit… but you should.  It suits you.  (See what I did there?)  So handsome!!Jenna & Paul had a first glance that made me cry.  These two are so stinkin sweet together.and it made a few of the on-lookers cry as well.Perfection…
OK – so now is the point where we have to talk about it.  Because you can’t look at this beautiful ceremony photo without noticing something’s a little lopsided.  (This photo totally reminds me of the movie 27 Dresses)  Yes, Jenna had 13 bridesmaids.  Yes, I nearly passed out when she told me that would be the case.  Luckily Paul had 3 groomsmen so the actual wedding party size wasn’t as overwhelming.  And luckily – we knew that it would be a easy day because anyone that Jenna loves enough to have stand up with her HAS to be an amazing person like her.  So there was no worries about this amazing bunch of people!MARRIED!!!I think it says alot about Jenna to have 13 friends that you love and vice versa.  She is so blessed.  (And I don’t think the groosmen minded having 4.3 bridesmaids a piece)  😉
Pretty sure that from the toasts on out Jenna’s night floated between tears and laughter – just as it should.  Love seeing a bride 100% loving her wedding day!Two things that made me literally clap my hands with excitement and squeal a little.  Cheesecake and a nacho bar.  (The cheesecake was prettier, but they were both pretty much the best thing I’ve ever eaten at a wedding)

A little outdoor love fest and one of our favorite images of the day!

Jenna & Paul – you make love look so easy.  It is visibly abundant in every glance, every word spoken, and every connection made.  Your love is just like the two of you – perfectly sweet.  We adore you both and your families, and look forward to cheering you on for your lifetime of love!!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this amazing day!!

There is MUCH MUCH more of Jenna & Paul’s beautiful day, so check out the slideshow below for more!!

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