Jenna & Kevin {Wedding Day}

When Jenna & Kevin were planning their wedding – there was one thing Jenna wanted most… a down home wedding in her hometown.  They could have chosen St.Louis where Kevin is from and where they both worked and met, but in Jenna’s eyes, a wedding wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t in the town she grew up.  Her hometown may not have everything the big city offers, but it is HOME.  Where everyone feels welcome and where warm memories are made and shared.

Jenna & Kevin had the details and the class of any top notch city event, with the character and charm of a good ol’ midwest wedding.

Enjoy Jenna & Kevin’s wedding day!We love the gritty, crazy locations that most people don’t consider when they think of photo locations.  One thing about small town USA is you learn to get creative – and we wouldn’t trade the places you’ll see in this post for anything.  These are the places where I get fired up about shooting and where I feel most in my element.  And THIS is why…
MEOW.Jenna – you are so pretty girls everywhere will dream of looking like you on their wedding day!  Just timeless!Kevin is the sweet, handsome doctor your mother wished for you.  (Sorry ladies, he’s taken.)Love the images Roger got of the first glance.  The finger tap and the wave go down in history as my most favorite!Go ahead… ask Jenna if a first glance takes away from the moment you walk down the aisle.  We have about 20 or so more photos of tears of joy, so if you need any sort of proof that first glances don’t take away from “THE BIG MOMENT”, call me.  Or Jenna.
Jenna’s dad’s classic Corvette… more to come later in the post!I wish we could have seen the wedding party’s reaction when we pulled up to OUR photo location choice.  I am certain they were perplexed.  Hopefully the reservations on our location scouting abilities have been suppressed after seeing the hotness that was created while there.One prerequisite to a small town wedding turning into something straight out of Martha Stewart Weddings is summed up by one word.  Jenny Hailstone.  (Hush.  I know that was two words.  I’m going for dramatic flair.)  I am certain you remember me professing my admiration for Jenny’s superhero talents for wedding decor HERE and HERE.  Needless to say, the girl did NOT disappoint once again.  Jenny you are truly the MacGuyver of wedding decorating.  Mad props.

The only thing better than a classic Corvette…is a classic Corvette at night with a super sexy couple inside of it.  Holy hotness!Jenna & Kevin – your wedding day was wonderful from the very first moment.  From Jenna’s mom baking hundreds of cookies to keep everyone happy (I for one was VERY happy), to the precious church, to the laid back vibe – I can’t put my finger on ONE thing that made your day so perfect.  From a photographer’s standpoint you gave us the two things we need most on a wedding day – ample time and ample trust.  So for that we THANK YOU!  But for your guests I believe it was the fact that they weren’t just your guests… they were family.  Your warm, welcoming personalities and your kindness made everyone feel at ease.  Thank you to both of your families and to the two of you for sharing in your wonderful day with us!  We are honored.

Please be sure to check out Jenna & Kevin’s Slideshow for more photos!!

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Ashley Gwin - Beautiful! Oh and they can call ME too! Soooo glad we did the first glance! 🙂

Jenny Hailstone - Once again, you did it sista! These look amazing. Love the car pics. Thanks again for the compliments……love ya!

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