Jenna & Kevin {engaged}

If there is a word to describe Jenna and Kevin and their relationship – it would be commitment and perseverance.  Wait – that’s two words.  Sorry.  I’ll elaborate…

It takes much perseverance to woo a girl who you previously called by the wrong name in your second meeting, and to then invite yourself over to her house to watch a movie.  (Jenna calls it rude and maybe crazy, he’d call it arguably unorthodox, yet… effective.)

It takes much commitment to go to college to be a surgeon, and a equally as big commitment to date that person.  But somehow through time, Jenna – a busy student herself – found that Kevin was worth it.  Worth it enough to make the commitment to move with him to Kansas City for his 5 year residency training.  Jenna sacrificed everything to follow her love across the state to be by Kevin’s side even though he would be working 60-80 hours a week.  Kevin knew what she was giving up to be with him, and knew that this girl should be his wife.

So the first opportunity for some time off they planned a trip to the mountains.  After nearly blowing up his 1996 Honda Accord, Jenna and Kevin made the hike to Mills Lake – a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.  The couple hour hike – like there relationship – wasn’t easy, but after persevering the trek, it was clearly worth it.  Famished and ready to sit down and enjoy a lunch, Kevin instead got down on one knee and asked Jenna to make one more commitment to him and be his wife.  At which point she exclaimed “how did you get that thing up here?”

Jenna finally said yes and she and Kevin look forward to making that commitment surrounded with friends, coworkers, and family in August and to celebrating and dancing the night away.  (apparently – much like myself – Kevin is a great dancer.)  After persevering through intense schooling and many changes they will look forward to starting a family and living happily ever after.

We look forward to the big day and watching you make your commitment to one another!  Enjoy your photos!

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Amanda Zika - I knew their photos would be amazing and they are. She is going to be a stunning bride. I love each and every one of them so much I can’t pick out a favorite!

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