Jenna & Justin {Wedding Story}

We live in what I believed to be the middle of no where.  When people come over they say “Wow.  You guys are really out in the middle of no where.”  And we love it.  We love making a life out in our little “middle of no where”.  So when I say that Jenna and Justin’s church was in the middle of no where – I say it with absolute love and endearment because we truly appreciate the magnificence of wide open spaces.  So really though, the GPS couldn’t find the church.  When we stopped and asked for directions from the one person we spotted in their driveway the terms “yonder” and “parts” were used.  We passed a couple Amish buggy crossing signs.  And after driving for what seemed like an eternity down a bumpy little one lane road, off in the distance, “over yonder”, we finally saw the church.  There is something unmistakably charming about a wedding where everyone in town knows about it.  Where people still get excited and look forward to reminiscing with friends and cheering on another young couple that will be bringing future generations into their town.  For me, it’s like getting back to the roots of why I love weddings.  It’s not linens and the dress designers, the size of the ring or the wedding budget, or the ideas you got from Pinterest and Style Me Pretty that make a wedding magical.  It’s the anticipation of being a witness to a monumental day between two people who are so heartfelt in love, it’s the innocence of a time when two people have yet to embark on the troubles that sometimes life can bestow on you, it’s the joys that their future holds that comes only with the intertwining of two lives.  It’s the suspenseful uncertainty of this thing called life, and the fact that having a partner to go through it all with makes it that much more valuable.
It just seemed like here in this small town, in the middle of no where, they had the magic of what a wedding day is.  So here it is with all of its hope, optimism, and cheerfulness… enjoy Jenna & Justin’s magical wedding day.


Jenna’s dress was TO DIE FOR.Jenna you are such a timeless beauty.  I could not get over how beautiful you looked on your wedding day.  You had an air of grace and elegance – as if you do this whole wedding thing all the time.  😉  Your calm, your beauty, and your sweetness are exquisite!Justin you are just so darn cute.  Happy and sweet, with maybe a little orneriness that you try to keep under wraps when you are politely in the midst of others.  😉  And your smile that is just endearing.I think Jenna looks a little like Tina Fey.  And seriously – who doesn’t LOVE Tina Fey.  No matter who she looks like, how she looked was sensational!!  A lovely little sweet first look…Just as adorable as two people can be!Speaking of adorable…show time…

I know that everyone loves to watch for the look on a grooms face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle – believe me I do too – but one thing that will make me lose it every time – is watching dad’s face as he gives his little girl away.  You want to see a man overwhelmed with emotions?  Watch the man who’s heart has been inhabited by his sweet baby girl, give her away to another man who inhabits her’s.  You will always see the depths of emotion there.  Next time you are at a wedding, watch dad too.One of my favorite parts of a wedding ceremony…and this part is pretty good too 😉and the journey begins…Gah.  Seriously Jenna.  These images of you are swoon-worthy.Remember earlier when I mentioned that perhaps Justin has a little orneriness to him?  Not a ton – just enough to make him fun and spontaneous.  Well, check out this look here.  You can just tell he’s got something mischievous up his sleeve and looking back it’s almost like he’s warning me, like “Hey, be ready for this.”  Ready for what you ask? …Yep.  THIS.  I have never seen a bigger piece of cake implanted into a brides face.  And it obviously was moist cake because it didn’t crumble.  Oh no.  It stuck there in tact.Luckily he has a fun-loving, spontaneous bride who can laugh about it – icing mustache and all!Boom.  One of my favorite first dance photos ever.I’m still watching you dad…

Jenna & Justin – thank you so much for entrusting the captured memories of your day to Roger and I.  It was an honor to be a part of not only your day, but your world.  Your family, friends, your lives.  It means the world to us to see two people in love embark on a life together and promise to always be one another’s rock.  We are blessed and thankful that you chose us to capture the beginning of it all!!  Cheers!

We couldn’t love the photos in this blog post any more – but this video is sure to make you smile just as much!  Check out more of Jenna & Justin’s day!

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