Jenn & Ryan {ENGAGED}

Her close friend Theresa lived across the street from his mom Linda.  Jen had met Linda several times, and both thought very highly of the other.  “I should set you up on a blind date with my son Ryan” she said one night.  After some negative experiences with blind dates, she kindly declined the opportunity to be set up with her son.  After a on gain – off again battle with breast cancer, Linda passed in 2006, so when Theresa introduced Jenn to “Linda’s son Ryan” while he was home from Decatur IL, he had Jenn’s full attention.  She’d always wondered about what she had passed up on, and now upon finally meeting him – she knew she’d passed up something special.

That night with a chill in the November air, wrapped around a bonfire at Theresa’s – Jenn and Ryan flirted the night away under the stars.  There was most definitely a connection.  By 2am they’d said their goodbyes and Ryan left.  Wether it was a twist of fate, or a little sign from Ryan’s mom – Ryan forgot his phone.  After finally being coaxed by Theresa to return it to him, Jenn walked across the street to return his phone.  It was an opportunity for him to ask for her number… or to see her again… but he graciously thanked her for returning it and told her goodnight.  She wondered if they’d ever see one another again.

That very opportunity arrived the next week when Ryan “coincidentally” showed up where Jenn was playing volleyball.  After another night of getting to know one another, THIS time he asked for her number!  And so began a 2 year long distance relationship.

After some good times, and bad ones, healthy times and some sick ones too, after a dog, a move, vacations, and new jobs – on one knee Ryan asked Jenn to have more good times, and bad, healthy times and some sick ones too, and all the things that make up a lifetime of love.  And Jenn happily said yes!!!  The two plan to make their promise in front of close family and friends this November – on a chilly night under the stars – just like the day it all began!!  Enjoy a sneak peek of Jenn & Ryan’s engagement session!!

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Carol - Congratulations! I am so happy for both of you. The pictures are beautiful.

Jenn - Karin & Roger,

I cannot thank you enough! These are the best pics I’ve ever taken and couldn’t be more please with what I see ; ) Thanks for making us feel comfortable and having the artistic eye to create such beautiful photos! Just in these few shots, you’ve captured some great moments!

Thanks, again!

Jenn & Ryan

Leonna Baker - OMG!! These pictures are SO good! You two look like movie stars:) Ryan, you’ve been my brother for 8 years now and Jenn, you’ve been my sister already for a few years now, but this just makes it ‘official’. We love you guys. Congratulations! Leonna

Dean DeVries - Ryan is my nephew. Great pictures! So happy he and Jenn found each other. Great job on the photo’s. Great couple!

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