Jen & Ryan {Engaged}

Where to start on this one?   There is alot to talk about.  Like how Jen & I (and Roger) graduated together.  I used to be jealous of her hair.  I mean seriously – she has incredible hair.  I was jealous of her cup size too, but that’s a different story all together.  We can also talk about how Jen has always been that fun single girl who you could count on to go out with.  I think it was her intimidating hair or impeccable taste that kept her single a little longer than some.  But all of a sudden – out of no where – Jen had a boyfriend.  And then a dog.  And then a house.  And then a ring.  And then wedding plans for October in Mexico.  (THANK YOU JESUS)  But like with any relationship, there’s a story.  And Jen & Ryan’s is an interesting one…  Intersting enough that I’m giving it a title.  I’m calling it

The Exception to The Rule  (I love me a title)

Jennifer & Ryan were both put on the same work project.  They worked in different buildings but for the same company, so the entire relationship started on the phone.  Talk about work turned into talk about life and talk about life turned into flirting.  We all know that the rule is that a phone voice can be very decieving and either person could be not what either were expecting, but still – there was flirting.  On one particular phone conversation, Jen mentioned she had some beer in her vechicle she had gotten for free that she didn’t want.  Ryan jumped at the opportunity (to get free beer or see what Jen looked like – no one really knows) and said he’d meet her in the parking lot during lunch.

Jen walked out to the parking lot in her black pinstriped pants (which apparently Ryan is opinionated about) and her fabulous blonde hair, and Ryan got out of his car with a full beard (which Jen is rightfully opinionated about) and empty beer cans falling out of the vechicle.  Now every good girl knows that the rules say you don’t get interested in a bachelor with unkept facial hair and a car cluttered with beer cans.  But there was something she liked despite the awkward first meeting.  Somehow he managed to charm her and obviously the pinstriped pants, the blonde hair, and Jen’s fun outlook on life impressed him.  So they started to date.

The relationship wasn’t flawless by any means.  Ryan broke a few more dating rules that you just don’t break, and may have made Jen’s family nervous.  But if you talk with Ryan for 5 minutes you easily realize that he’s just plain likeable and easy to forgive.  He’s sort of like a puppy – you scold your puppy when they are bad, but all the personality they have make you forget that they just chewed up your favorite purse.  And Jen stuck with him while he broke the rules.

But there is always an exception to the rule isn’t there?  The odds weren’t with these two from the start, yet somehow the relationship continued to grow and flourish.  Between the pinstripes, the facial hair, and the mistakes – love became the exception.  Love isn’t always perfect, and you don’t only love someone for their good qualities – you love them despite their bad ones.  More than any other – the most important rule is when you love someone with all your heart, you never let it go.  And in October, surrounded by family and friends in Mexico (THANK YOU JESUS) they’ll promise to do just that.

Enjoy Jen & Ryan’s engagement photos and if you just can’t get enough – come check out their out takes on our Facebook site to see what makes these two perfect for one another!  (and yes, we needed an entire album dedicated to out takes.  It’s worth clicking “like” I assure you.)

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Rainy - These are gorgeous!!!! Jen you look amazing!! Karin and Roger you are so great! Jen was my single friend and about 2 years ago we would have never dreamed to be getting married in the same year!
Lets talk Nick into Mexico! I would love to be there to see these two amazing people tie the knot!
LOVE the out-takes 🙂

Jamie Lane - Jen & Ryan, You two look great!

I am so PUMPED that Jen and Ryan are working with you guys for the wedding! We are guaranteed to have awesome photos from the wedding!

You have such a special talent for making people look fabulous and catching all the best moments.

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