Janelle & Andy {Engaged}

First impressions are everything, right?  When Janelle met Andy for the first time at Illinois College, he had a racing stripes mullet – courtesy of the football team.   Standing there at the Health Services department, Janelle walked right up and asked “Does your mother know you did that?”  His response?  “Nope, but I’m getting it cut before I see her this weekend.”  While walking away he thought “Man, she’s cocky.”, and she thought “Man, what a immature dingbat!”  First impressions apparently aren’t everything.

5 months later they saw one another again at a Sportmanship day at a local grade school.  Andy – with his hair cut – was charming all the kids, and Janelle – a sucker for a man who can play with kids – was impressed.  Maybe he wasn’t such a dingbat.  Later that weekend, Janelle decided to get up the nerve to call Andy and ask him to go to a party she was attending.  He was impressed – maybe he was starting to appreciate her confidence.

They hung out together for 3 weeks almost every day.  One night while watching a movie, Janelle said nonchalantly “So everyone wants to know what we are…”   To which he replied “Tell them you are my girlfriend.”  And they have been together ever since.

For the day of the proposal – nothing went exactly as Andy had planned, except Janelle’s response which he was banking on being yes.

Janelle is the head girls basketball coach at the school that she teaches at, and it was the regionals championship game.  This was the day that Andy was going to pop the question.  After the win, he’d do it in front of everyone during the celebration.

They lost.

By 2.

Surrounded by Janelle’s family and friends, he had to go on with the plan.  He had the principal walk Janelle to half court and had cued a CD to play once he walked out to her.  Andy waited… people kept coming up to Janelle to say nice things… Andy waited.  No music.  He waited.  SO he finally walked up to her and got down on one knee and said “I love you so much.  Janelle Marie Kuhn, Will you marry me?”  She said YES and the whole crowd cheered and celebrated.  It was exactly what Janelle had dreamed of and even though it didn’t go exactly how Andy had wanted, the outcome was what HE had dreamed of.

While planning their wedding, Janelle is looking forward to rocking out her hot dress, bawling with her parents because she is such a mommy and daddy’s girl, and partying like a rock star at the reception.    Andy is looking forward to wearing those awesome rental tux shoes :), seeing his gorgeous bride walk down the aisle and partying at the reception with friends and family.  Janelle and Andy are planning a wedding for next June.

Enjoy Janelle & Andy’s photos!

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christine - I love coming to you blog and reading your posts…you are a phenomenal writer and photographer! What a fun session and that couple is adorable!! We need to do lunch soon!

Janelle - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Thank you so much Karin and Roger! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. You two are exceptional photographers, but even better people. I can’t wait for the big day and for you to caputure all the great moments. THANKS AGAIN and the photos are rocking!

Judy - What a neat story and beautiful pictures!

Carla - You guys are such a cute couple. Everybody I show your photos to they just love them. Love you guys

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