Internet Down

Our internet is currently wacked. I personally am blaming it on the weather and the DTV transition. No matter what you blame it on, number 1. feel sorry for me because I have been having fits of rage and feeling lost with no direction. and 2. please be patient if you contact me – it may be faster if I walked you a letter. Sorry for the inconvience.

*note – if you are considering getting an aircard from AT&T – think twice.¬† The customer service for this feature have been unbelivably rude and not helpful.¬† If we didn’t live in the boonies and have no other option I would be hunting down “James” and sticking my aircard where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Morrisa - Awww K Dizz, that bites!!!

Amanda Zika - I was wondering why I have not talked to you today. LOL! How are you surviving! “I, I will survive!!!”

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