Happy 10/16 and a quick contest!!

Happy 10/16!!!!! One of our favorite quotes is “sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” TenSixteen Photography is about capturing the big moments in life, but for us as a couple we know you can’t have the big moments without the hundreds of small moments that change your life forever. Today we celebrate all the little things that make these momentous days so special. This grainy iPhone photo is from our vacation this summer. We have some amazing photos surrounded with majestic scenery, but this memory is one of our favorites. We camped in our rental car one night. With 2 pillows and a couple of cheap blankets we opened the sunroof and watched the stars and reflected on our trip. We roughed it. No showers, and an uncomfortable night sleep, and somehow this is the happiest moment we remember from our trip.

Why? The big moments are great, but the little ones that seem ordinary are the ones that can’t be recreated and don’t always involve magnificent circumstances. It’s the simple, insignificant, moments in between that make up a lifetime of happiness.
What is your favorite “spectacularly ordinary” moment recently? Share with us under the comments, and we’ll offer up a 10$ iTunes gift card for our favorite answer!!
(We’ll cut off the offer for the gift card at midnight tonight, but don’t hesitate to share any time!!)
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Stacy - LOVE THIS!!!
Recently we help a family reunion at our home. It was very stressful and the planning and cleaning and cooking was overwhelming. After the day was over and everyone had gone home, my husband and children talked about all the funny moments on the front porch and laughed the night away. It made all the stress well worth it!!

BRAD - This summer after watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, my wife was doing the dishes and I challenged her to a dance off. lol. Right there in the kitchen, we danced our butts off and laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe. We both know I was the winner, and if she says differently she’s a liar!!

Jessie - My husband and I rented a motorcycle a few weeks ago and spent the weekend driving on the back roads and stopping at little markets and diners. It was like we didn’t have a care in the world!!

Ashlee - My 7 year old and I were trying to take some self portraits with my new camera. I kept setting the timer and running in the photo before the timer went off. About the 5th photo in, while running to her to get in the photo I fell flat on my face. After the shock wore off for both of us we sat there (or in my case laid there) and laughed. The photos are extra special to me now even though none turned out.
Love the contest – made me smile!!

Megan S. - My husband and I recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We spent the day working and barely saw one another. That evening we drank wine and popped popcorn and watched our video that you guys did for us. It was the perfect ending to the day!!

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