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Video has an impact that photos alone cannot convey.  When “the right moments” are edited in a dramatic way the result is the heart and soul of a person, a couple, and their day.  Weddings as we know them are changing – the needs of a bride and groom are different than what they were 5 years ago.  Simply put – brides and grooms – at least for one day – are rock stars that should be celebrated.  “Glitterati” if you will.  Lady Gaga – without the weirdness – but with all the fame.  (When I’m excited I ramble and use metaphors – excuse me while I regroup.)

Our combination package that we offer has always been a very popular package.  Most people want video of their wedding day and enjoy using the same company for both.  However for some it isn’t in the budget or some just don’t feel that they will sit down and watch their entire day unfold more than once.  Attention spans are short and people want to get to the point.  However – they still want to see their day depicted in a climatic and dramatic way.  So we’ve developed a way to give people exactly what they want – glitterati fame without the glitterati budget.

We are adding a new option onto our wedding services as well as incorporating it into our Senior sessions (more info on that coming soon) that is a spotlight approach to video.  A live action story of your day.  We call it “The 10/16 Project” – A free-form video option that highlights the essence of you and your day.  Watch this clip and then read about the details…

What’s included…

(This option is only available in conjunction to a photography package)

A “free-form” video is the style you see in the clip showcased above, captured in HD, and edited to tell your story.  The concept and music unique to you and your day.  The video will go online with the ability for you to showcase it on social networking sites as well as a on a DVD.  The DVD will also include your full ceremony.

The elements most watched by couples on our complete videos offered with our Combination Package are the ceremony and the highlight music video at the conclusion of each video.  “The 10/16 Project” focuses on these pivotal elements and gives an modern alternative to the full wedding video at a fraction of the cost.

We know you’ll have plenty of questions regarding this new option, so please contact us for all the info!  And for those of you not planning a wedding – stay tuned for how we’ll be incorporating this option into our Senior Sessions!

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Ruth Gierer - SUPER DE SUPER EXCITING!!!!! You were right, this is perfect for us and exactly what we want to have for our wedding! I was getting ready to contact you today to raz you about waiting all week for your announcement. Well, this was definitely worth waiting!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks for the new option and thinking so much about what we as the bride and groom really want for our day! I LOVE IT!!!!

Theresa Dambacher - Hey guys, I just wanted to say I watched this video and I also attended this wedding and I got “teary eyed” while watching it. This couple is a true example of what love is about and you captured that on their special day. It also helps that you two are unique and like to have fun at the reception and thereafter.LOL.Keep doing what you are doing-I love it!

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