Follow The Light…

But there is 1 that – when you can get your hands on it  – a photographer will swoon.  If your photographer says “We shouldn’t go there because it’s bad light” when you suggest a location for photos… believe them.  Sure, that fountain out there in the middle of that full sunlight is pretty to the eye, but it’s not a place you want to photograph two or more people to get a great shot.  Roger and I would attest to the fact that we could do an entire session in a abandoned building, and if it had the right light – we could do the entire session there and produce better images that flatter the subjects than we ever could at some of the top locations that people think of for photos.

Want proof?  Here are a couple images from Stephanie and Todd’s wedding day.  (More coming tomorrow)  Stephanie got dressed in a middle school gymnasium.  Not ideal.  However there was this one area near the basketballs that had a beautiful long, opaque window.  The light coming in from there was just gorgeous.  Here it is from behind.

As you 180 that and step in front of the subject – i.e. Stephanie – you see that ideal light.  As you’ll see on Tuesday when their wedding goes on the blog we shot several images there, and honestly, could have shot the entire day there if they would have let us.  Again, we were in a gymnasium.  You cannot tell by looking at the images where we were because the lighting made the subject stand out and flattered Stephanie in ways that most light does not.

When your photographer talks about light, trust them.  Unless you are at a fountain in the wide open, in full sun, and you can barely see because you are squinting.  If they say it’s good light… run because THAT is truly scary!!!!  🙂

Happy Halloween!!!

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