Dear 2010,

Whew.  I’d have to admit you sort of kicked our butts.  33 weddings across Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, and Mexico.  Engagement sessions all over the metro area.  Videos, photos, slideshows, bridal shows.  And a personal life that we didn’t see much of.  You brought us the greyest winter we’ve ever seen, a wet spring, a sweltering HOT summer, and went out with tornadoes.   The IPad was an awesome addition, thanks for that one.  The oil spill, Jersey Shore, and Justin Bieber (to name a few) you can keep.

However you also brought us the most amazing experiences, the most incredible journeys, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  We witnessed momentous occasions where two people promised forever and their circle of friends and family who cheered them on.  We watched clients become forever friends, and acquired irreplaceable relationships through the thing we call “work”.

For us you were in one word – Fulfilling.

I wonder… what will 2011’s word be?  I cannot wait to find out!

So 2010, you won’t be long forgotten.  After all, we still have unfinished business that will trickle well into the new year.  But as we reflect at what you have brought us, we are optomistic that there is more to satisfaction, friendship, and love to come!

As a tribute to the great times and great friends you provided us – please enjoy this video!


Yours Truly,

Starry-eyed Studios

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Ashley Gwin - LOVE it! And LOVE you two! 🙂

Pam Bywater - the other side of the camera…..very cool!

Laura Ranger - You too are just too CUTE!!!

Laura Ranger - okay…I don’t know one two from the other too. 🙂

Jamie Lane - I love that we finally get to see some pictures of the two of you! It’s nice to see a little behind the scenes action. Roger – I love the shots where you have compacted yourself to a small ball on the ground. And, the mullet wigs! You two are hilariously fun!

Dawn Devall - Love it!!! I can always count on coming to your blog and getting a laugh!! I love you guys! You’re awesome!!!

TBran - Loved it!

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