Favorite Things {Watch out Oprah}

Last year I did a blog post entitled THANKFUL which I listed some things that made me thankful.  I fully intended to do the same this year, but have been too busy to be still and be thankful.  I say it every year – next year I will make more time for myself and family over the holidays – and every year I’m hustling at the last minute.  2011 – you are my year.  I promise.

SO, now it’s last minute and if you are like me you may need some last minute purchases for someone.  It’s the very small things that I enjoy.  The little things that make daily life a little more perky.  So instead of sharing things I am thankful for this year (even though I am thankful for SO many things) I would like to share my Favorite Things.  Don’t get excited – I’m not Oprah and I’m not giving away a car.  Just sharing some things that you may want to consider grabbing for yourself with all the loot you get on Christmas, or picking up for someone else to spread holiday cheer.  (It’s not too late!!)

(These items are in no particular order.  That would take too much thought.)

Spin Pins by Goody

You can ask Roger – I am crazy over Spin Pins.  These babies have single handedly changed my life.  My hair is less than fabulous at the end of a wedding day.  Problem solved.  Whip these babies in your hair and you have a fine looking bun or messy bun.  Maybe a little side updo.  Whatever you want – the spin pins do.  AND they won’t give you a headache if you wear them too long.

You can buy these at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. What an AWESOME stocking stuffer!ISLANDS magazine subscription.  I keep issues by the tub.  This time of year there is nothing better than sinking into a hot bath to escape, while flipping through the pages of photos and articles about paradise.  This magazine gets me through the long winter months.

This magazine is available for 1 year for 7$ through Amazon.com

1 year of bliss for 7$.  Surely you would like to join me in paradise!

Click HERE to get your own.
Roger is sick.  Stomach flu that has been followed up with a cold.  This is a BAD time of year for us to get sick, so I’ve been avoiding him like the plague and sanitizing everything.  Most of all my hands.

It’s flu season.  Get yourself and loved ones some hand sanitizer and keep yourself healthy!  I like you when your healthy!Here’s where it really gets good.

Last year I learned how to make cake balls – or as I refer to them – chocolate covered pillows of heaven.  This year I bumped it up a notch and made different flavors.  Chocolate Covered Cherry, Carrot Cake, White Cake Covered in Dark Chocolate (I like to call it Ebony & Ivory), Chocolate on Chocolate, and Chocolate Cake covered in White Chocolate (Ebony and Ivory Part Deux).  Yes folks, it’s been a cake ball extravaganza in our house, hence the rapid weight gain.  BUT (not butt)!!!  I even bumped it up ANOTHER notch by purchasing a Cake Ball Holder.  OK – it’s for tea lights and it’s from Pier 1.  Click HERE to check it out.

I am giving a few family members these yummy cake balls in this tea light holder so they can proudly pass or display their cake balls at Christmas – and then they have an awesome tea light holder the rest of the year!  Smart dontcha think?Awkward Family Photos – The Book

Do you ever look at the website?  Absolutely hilarious.  What can top it?  The book. We bought 3 this year for gifts.  And 1 for ourselves.  We’re greedy like that.  Just sayin.Keurig Hot Apple Cider

I like to relax with a glass of wine in the evening.  Not EVERY evening.  OK – most evenings.  But when this Hot Apple Cider for the Keurig came into my life – I gave up my wine for it.  It’s THAT good.

Technically it was a birthday gift for Roger.  I bought it though, so he should share.

(PS – If you do not own a Keurig you are missing out on the best thing since the Internet and one of our VERy favorite things.  Go buy one for someone and throw one in the cart for yourself.  And buy some Apple Cider.  MMMM!)Roger bought me this ornament.  I got to open it early.  It makes me smile.  Hope it makes you smile too.The one thing I can’t show here that is one of my VERY favorite things…

Is you.

You come here and read the stories I write.  You look at the photos Roger and I have the privilege to capture.  You support and encourage and are the backbone of our business.  You leave sweet and touching comments (and if you never comment we challenge to make your voice heard in 2011!) and you follow us on Facebook.  For whatever reason you choose to come to our corner of the cyber world, we cherish the fact that you return.  You are the reason we stay up late and get up early. You are the first people we want to share a funny or touching story with, and the people we enjoy sharing our own personal life and others’ lives with.

YOU are our favorite thing.

We hope your holiday is warm, safe, and filled with all of your favorite things!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Ashley Gwin - I can honestly say that our favorite “things” from this year were our wedding slideshow & pictures. We are thankful to call you our photographers and friends. 🙂

TBran - Loved this! Start to finish.

amanda zika - How did I miss this one too! Love it! I need a favorite things list. This is awesome!

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