Fall Engagement Session Dates 2011

In case you don’t know the drill…

The following dates, times, and locations are up for grabs.  First come, first serve.  You will pick your first choice and your second choice and email us with both.  I will then let you know which one you receieved and will mark the time in red meaning that time is filled.

We picked some new locations this year that we are SUPER excited for!  We will show photo examples of the locations, and for the new ones we have inspiration boards to give you a vibe for what is in our heads.  (That isn’t as scary as it sounds!)  SO let’s get to it!

SEPTEMBER 18TH: ALTON IL  {Historic Streets, great architecture, lots of character, and a KILLER spot we recently found that will be great for photos!  Alton is one of our most FAVORITE spots to photograph, and in the fall it is SO SO yummy.}

3:00  4:30

SEPTEMBER 25TH : ECKERT’S APPLE ORCHARD GRAFTON IL  {A new spot on the list that we are really jazzed about.  I envision quilts/blankets, a warm glow, lots of laughter.  If a relaxing afternoon wrapped up in one another with a beautifully scenic drive sounds good to you – this session will be perfect.}

1:30 3:00 4:30

Click HERE for Eckert’s website

OCTOBER 2ND: LAFAYETTE SQUARE PARK {Always a favorite and always beautiful.  The park is lush and has beautiful light, and the surrounding areas with their alleyways and charm make the perfect setting}

3:30 5:00

For more examples click HERE and HERE

OCTOBER 9TH: FOREST PARK {Forest Park is at it’s peak in the fall with plenty of options.  It really needs no explanation and always a favorite for many.}

3:30 5:00

For more examples click HERE and HERE

MONDAY OCTOBER 10TH: LEBANON IL {New to the list, we know this location is going to yield some amazing shots!!  Lots of fall color, historic charm, and that awesome little soda fountain shop!  There is NO DOUBT the photos taken this day will be off the charts.}

2:00 3:30

THURSDAY OCTOBER 13TH:   SIUE 3:00 VILLA MARIE MARYVILLE WINERY 5:00 {That’s right… 2 locations.  SIUE is always a sure bet for gorgeous.  Plenty of great spots with lots of variety.  The winery is a new spot we are offering.  For those who enjoy a glass of wine and romantic shots in the vineyards… this location is perfection.}

For more SIUE examples click HERE and HERE

Click HERE for Villa Marie’s website

OCTOBER 16TH: Beaver Dam {This session date will be quick to fill up.  Everyone loves the photos that come from Beaver Dam.  If you want as session that is about YOU and not about the scenery or buildings, a rural look that is warm and timeless, then this is your location!  The colors should be BANGING about then too.  SPECIAL NOTE!!  If you notice the date is 10/16.  Yes indeed that is our anniversary and the date that our photography business is named after, so as you can imagine we picked one of our most favorite places to shoot to celebrate.  Come celebrate with us!!}

3:00 4:30

For more examples click HERE and HERE

We have put aside further dates as rain out options and are unavailable on the Sundays of the 23rd and 30th.  We look forward to seeing what option you choose, and rocking your engagement session this fall!  Now get choosing!!

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Casey Thorp - Corey and I would like our first choice to be Forest park on Oct 9 at 3:30 and our second on Sept 18 in alton at 3

karin - Gotcha down for 3:30 Casey!

Chelsey Smith - Derek and I would like our first choice to be Forest Park on October 9th at 5:00 and our second on October 2nd at 3:30 at LAFAYETTE SQUARE PARK

karin - Gotcha down for 5:00 on the 9th Chelsey!

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