Erin & Jason {engaged}

One night, Jason told Erin he was having a get together after work.  Having regretted missing out on Jason’s party the weekend before and spending fall break alone in her dorm, she was very excited to cut loose with coworkers.  When she arrived though, it was just Jason.  He had purposefully made the party up, and hoped she didn’t find it odd.  Luckily, if she did she didn’t say anything.  They hung out the entire evening, having a few cocktails, playing games, and listening to music.  He knew right from the start she was a keeper.  They both consider that day to be the beginning.  The first day of “inseparable ever since”.  How could he have know that his pseudo party on 10/16 would be the date that changed everything.  (Yes for those of you who pay attention, I did mention that 10/16 is coincidentally their anniversary date on purpose!)

The time came to make it official and after purchasing a ring more than a month prior and coming up with a million different ideas for how to propose that he knew he’d never be able to do without her knowing, he decided to wake her up to a home made breakfast, and 2 dozen roses.  As she awoke to the smells and sounds of breakfast cooking, she followed the rose petals and the sound of their song “Come rain or come shine” into her living room.  There, as she stood in her pajamas barely awake, Jason got down on one knee and proposed.  He cannot remember what he’d said, but whatever it was didn’t matter because she excitedly said “yes”.  They spent the rest of the day in Hermann Missouri at the wineries, celebrating and calling their family and friends to let them know the news.
The couple is planning a September wedding for next year and look forward to a lifetime of happy memories.  Enjoy their engagement photos!

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Mary Lou Delaney - Karin I think the pictures are beautiful! I’m so excited to see them. They make such a beautiful couple. Of course that’s just my personal unbiased opinion.

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