Erica & Ryan {Wedding Day}

On a whim, Erica contacted us to see if we would come to the Kansas City area for a wedding.  We talked on the phone and over email, and felt like old friends almost immediately.  Based on these conversations and trust, she booked us sight unseen.  Stories like this always seem to go well.  It’s like on the Voice when Christina Aguilera pauses before pushing her button and lets her hand hover a second only to go with her gut and turn around to find exactly what she was hoping for.  Going with your gut.  Which is exactly what Erica and Ryan have been doing since they started dating all those years ago when they were in school together.  Their gut … their instinct… has led them to locations all over the US and brought them experiences that they would never experience if they didn’t have one another to say “Let’s go on this adventure together and see where we end up.”  So that’s what they continue to do.  Experience life to it’s fullest hand in hand – forever.  Enjoy Erica & Ryan’s wedding day!!

Erica – I knew you were going to be pretty.  You can hear how gorgeous you are in your voice.  But I didn’t know you’d be THAT gorgeous.  You rocked our world.

And Ryan… Erica mentioned her love for you, how wonderful of a man you are,  and how excited she was for this day to finally be here, but she forgot to mention that you could model.  You rocked our world as well! 

Erica & Ryan had a first glance – even though they were not 100% on it at first, their timeline just would never have worked any other way.  The two chose to see one another in a quiet corner of the hotel all by themselves.  Although we didn’t get to see them, you could see on their faces that the tension was relieved and they were so ready for this day.  Separately they were gorgeous, but together they were magnificent.

One of our most favorite parts of the day was the ring exchange.  Erica had not seen the setting that Ryan had made for her ring until the ring exchange at the ceremony, so there was a ton of excitement for this moment, but Erica’s reaction was priceless.  And when you see the ring, I think you’ll see why!!

Roger has such a way of capturing brides.  I don’t know how he does it, but it’s magical.

Leawood KS is incredibly gorgeous.  From what we were told it’s one of the top 5 wealthiest areas in the US per capita.  We scouted for areas and found the most gorgeous campus for photos.  Beautiful light, tons of flowering trees and gardens, and the architecture was phenominal.  PLUS – the place was nice and quiet.  We knew it was THE place to go and it was going to be breath taking for photos – a true photographers dream.  And then it was a photographer’s nightmare.  About 5 minutes into photo bliss a securtiy guard rolled up.  And then another.  And another.  Apparently, the location we were enjoying is Sprint’s National Training Headquarters and apparently… they don’t like brides, grooms, wedding parties, or people in general.  We were escorted out of heaven on Earth.  Which leads me to a piece of advice… when chosing a cell phone provider – don’t choose Sprint.  They are very very mean.  (Here is a couple Roger managed to grab before they called for backup.)

Who needs beautiful trees when you have a beautiful couple anyway?

And the party began…

Now for my personal favorite moment at a wedding reception ever…

Ryan came up to me and mentioned he had a special surprise for Erica coming up.  I had no idea what to expect.  All of a sudden – this huge group of guys start putting head lamps on.  At first I thought maybe they were miners or something, but apparently there is a long bachelor party related story that goes with the head lamps.  Regardless, I’m hoping that head lamps become the next IT thing at weddings because it made for some incredible images and a really awesome moment.

They even had a routine worked out where they all went down on one knee and then came in close.  I think they could really take their act on the road.  

And then we went outside for a little city lights!

And finally… the bling you’ve been waiting for.  Ryan – you chose an amazing ring, but you chose an even better wife.  Enjoy your adventure together… we can’t wait to see where it leads!

XOXO – we heart you both!  Thank you SO very much for bringing us to Kansas City for your wedding, and for being so accommodating.  Congratulations, and let us know when your ready for us to come out to North Carolina!!!  We can’t wait for another opportunity to get to know you!

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