Erica & Nathan {Wedding Day}

Erica, you are as sweet as you are pretty!  There is no question why anyone would love you!!  

And Nate… you are so handsome and polite.  And charming.  Erica is almost as lucky as you are!  😉

I loved Nate’s reaction when he saw his bride walking down the aisle!  (And I loved how happy his momma was for him!!)

If you remember this couple’s engagement session, you remember Madison.  Well, she was able to show up for the wedding day!  And she was dressed to impress!!  

The reception was DECKED OUT, and not a detail was missed!  Even down to the flower dog!

If you know Roger and I, you know that we have a think for cake balls.  Like, as in, we maybe have a problem.  So when we saw the cake table was covered in cake ball pops, we literally clapped.  OK, I clapped.  Roger came up and nudged me and said – “did you see the cake balls?  I took a chocolate one.”  Mind you – no one was eating them yet, he just wanted to make sure he got the one he wanted.  It’s the little things that excite us.

I may have been obsessed with this cake topper as well.

Erica had about 3 requests.  One of them was that she wanted photos of us.  As in she and I and she and Nate and Roger and I.  While I am shocked that we don’y get more requests for this, 😉 we were pretty flattered!  We look pretty desheveled after a day of shooting, but I must say… you can really feel the love.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, and we have know idea how they’ll choose which one of these they use for their album cover.Erica & Nate, we talked about your day over a glass of the wine you gave us and toasted the two of you.  (Yes, the couple so sweetly gave us a thank you card and a bottle of wine from the winery we went to that day.   I have no idea how we get such thoughtful people who choose us to do their wedding, but we are beyond blessed.)  We reflected on a great year of weddings, and how each individual couple has something unique.  Something that makes their love different than every other couple.  What came to mind when thinking about you was the word “devotion”.  There are a million words that can describe love, but devoted is a special one.  Devotion is loyal, and faithful, and committed.  It admires the other, is dedicated to the other.  It’s constant.  It’s something you see in a couple that’s been married for 50 years, and it’s something we (and others) see in you.  We know you’ll keep that throughout the years, and with it – you’ll be forever happy and content.

Looking forward to watching your forever!!  XOXO

Enjoy more of Erica & Nate’s day!!!


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Becca - OMG! LOVE the pictures and the decor – DANG! This wedding is gorgeous – I need to find and hire her decorator! 🙂 Such an amazing job at capturing all the beautiful details!!

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