Erica & David {married}

The rain was light on the windshield as Erica’s bus slowly made it’s way down the lane to Hidden Lake Winery.  She’d gotten ready at her parent’s house and now with bridesmaids in tow, she was ready to start the wedding day.  While Erica and her family and friends were being photographed and laughter and joy were filing the air around them, David sat stranded in the middle of a crisis.  100 feet in front of his bus while on the way to the wedding, a horrible car accident occurred in front of their eyes.  The entire interstate had to be shut down, helicopters flown in, and as David and his groomsmen helped remove injured children and parents from their cars the only thing he could think of was how badly he needed to get to Erica.

When we received word of a much less gory version of what was going on, Erica didn’t let it bother her.  Despite the fact that the main interstate to get to the wedding was closed, despite the fact that her groom couldn’t get to the wedding, despite the fact that guests were not going to be able to make it in time for the wedding due to the road being closed, once Erica knew that David was fine – she was fine.

It could have been their bus in that accident.  And with the knowledge that your life can change in an instant, it reconfirmed the importance of saying I love you, holding tightly to the ones you love, and making a commitment to be by the other’s side forever.  When David finally arrived at the winery 15 minus before the ceremony was due to start, he was shaken.  What he’d seen and experienced would make your stomach flip on a regular day, but on the day of his wedding it made him more frazzled, more emotional, more desperate to see his bride.  And the moment she walked into the room and he saw her walking toward him, you could feel the weight lifted off his shoulders and the peace and joy that he would soon call her his wife.  Enjoy Erica & David’s wedding day!!

If I said it once that day, I said it a thousand times.  Erica is super model status gorgeous.  And she has no idea that she’s so pretty.  Hands down she could model in a heart beat.  I couldn’t out my finger on who she reminded me of – someone obvious gorgeous, maybe a model, definitely a celebrity.  And then it hit me… see what you think!!

The rain was off and on all day, and the last minute decision was to move the outdoor wedding indoors.  At first it may have seemed disappointing, but when Erica and her father walked down the stairs towards David you could hear a pin drop.  Their vows were the only thing that mattered at that point, and it didn’t matter where they were said.Hands down the coolest moment we’ve ever experienced at a wedding ceremony.Meet Estelle!!  The other love of Erica’s life!!It would pour down rain, and then the sun would be out and make magic like this…

From the first time we talked, we knew we’d be sure to sneak out of the reception for some yummy night shots at the winery.  We got about 3 minutes to get some awesome shots like this…and then true to form, it started to rain.  “Can we still do some photos in the rain?” Erica asked.  AYKM??  If you’ll stand in it, we’ll shoot it!!  And when it comes to rain, the proof is here, here, and here that the juice is worth the squeeze!!

Erica & David – although our time getting to know you was brief, it was evident within seconds how deep and strong your love is.  We wish you the very best for all of your years and hope that you two enjoy your happily ever after!!  XOXO

Be sure to check out more of Erica & David’s fabulous day by watching this beautiful slideshow!!!

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Joel Conner - Amazing set! This was the day we saw you and Roger while we were doing an engagement session there. you rocked it!

Gerrie Haukap - Beautiful pics. Beautiful people!

Katie Minks - Congratulations! Wow! Absolutely breathtaking! What a beautiful couple, family, day and celebration! The pictures are amazing! All the best! The Minks Family!

Adam Haukap - Phenomenal photos. The rain shot is artwork I would hang on my wall. So proud of my beautiful sister. What a day.

Jesse Matthews - These are awesome pictures!! Congrats to Erica and David!

Danielle D. - Those rain pictures just gave me chills- WOW! LOVE THESE!

Rita - How beautiful! Wish I had been there to share in the magic!

Jody Schortye - Erica, David, stunningly beautiful wedding pictures. Brought a tear to my eye.

Dana Farris - Was thinking “these are absolutely amazing pictures” and then I came to the rain pics and words can not describe the beauty these captured. I got chills as I looked at them. Congrats Erica and David! I feel so blessed to get a peek of your special day!

Ingrid Howarth - Wow, what a day! You look stunning! Your pics are great! Love the rain shots, rings on the corks, Estelle of course, Sisterly love and Daddy giving away his girl. Your flowers were so colorful…Thanks for sharing, now I have a great visual of your wedding.

Lee Griffin - So fun to see the pictures, what a great weekend!

KC Griffin - These pictures are amazing! So beautiful! I especially love the ones in the rain at night. Miss you guys!

Kelly Zurliene - Absolutely beautiful pictures for an absolutely beautiful couple! Excellent work. The picture with the couple’s dog, Estelle, is my favorite!

Lauren Haukap - Absolutely stunning!!!!!

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