end of summer

It’s official.  We had to use our fireplace this morning to take the chill out of the air.  Fall is no longer on our doorstep – it is here.  The seasons all come and go to quickly anymore.  I don’t know how catching fireflies and being home by the time the street lights came on got replaced with emails and errands.  I’m a little sad to see summer go this year.  Summer is that dreamy time of year where getting to be a kid again is a little easier every once in awhile.  But while I look forward to a long winter’s nap, I have to say goodbye to a wonderful summer filled with warm memories.  Here are a few favorites I’ll miss…



Fresh seafood…


water colored sunsets and the smell of the oceansummer2summer7

Places that make me feel small


Little hidden wonders on a road trip that you’ll never forget and can’t wait to go back to!


picking blackberries out of our backyard and making blackberry mojitos with them – quite possibly the best summertime drink ever.


yummy lunches with fresh ingredients… (made by my husband of course – my meals never look this pretty)summer12

the grill…


Veggies from local farmer’s markets..


when my husband makes me breakfast with strawberries picked the day before.  (Um – I think food has alot to do with my happiness.  My thighs won’t make me happy if I keep it up!)


point and shoot cameras on a self timer because you don’t want to forget…


new beginnings…  (yes folks – I’m the parent of a high schooler.  I’m officially old)


and skies SO blue they almost seem fake.


Thanks for coming with me down my memory lane of summer.  I hope yours was warm and happy and hope the rest of the seasons bring you love, health, and happiness!

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Amanda Zika - What a beautiful post! I already miss the summer air. These photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting this 🙂

Ashley Bywater - No worries…next summer will be a great time!! 😉

T Bran - That was a sweet blog – fantastic pics….

clary - Love this blog post Karin!! And now I’m hungry:)

Tracey - Just wanted to say I really enjoyed looking at your work. Love the bright colors and contrast.
Im offically old to. I to have high school syndrome in my home.
Maybe someday we’ll bump into each other during a shoot.
Take Care

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