Emma & Chad {Wedding Day}

We got ready for our anniversary day together.  I was trying to pick out what to wear – Roger was getting my morning coffee for me like he always does.  The day felt special.  The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and the leaves were bright and shimmering in the morning light.  I was thankful.  Thankful for the beautiful morning, thankful for the memories of our wedding day when the weather was crisp and the sun was shinning and the leaves shimmered in the mountain light, and thankful that this year on our anniversary – we’d be spending it side by side – capturing the love of two amazing people surrounded with joy.  Welcome to Emma and Chad’s wedding day!

Oh Becky Huffman.  How I love you and your flowers.  You make me smile.When Emma first contacted about her wedding on October 16th, 2010 – I explained to her that in order to work on our own special love day, I would have to really, really love her.  And after meeting and getting to know Emma throughout the last year – I indeed really, really love her.  She is tremendously sweet and kind and she gets it honestly because her parents are amazing people too.
I know what your thinking…that I am fabulous at retouching.  If you don’t know Emma, you don’t know that her skin is flawless perfection and doesn’t need one ounce of retouching.  Trust me – you want to hate her for it, but she’s too sweet.  So just sit back in wonder because yeah – she’s THAT amazing.
Here is where it really gets over the top and I’m going to get really annoying.  Roger asked me not to go overboard.  He put his hand on mine in the car and turned to me and said “Don’t get all caught up with Brayden today.  He isn’t yours.  Today is about Emma and Chad.”  See Brayden reminds me of my own little guy (O.K., so he’s 15 and taller than me – he’ll always be my “little guy”) when he was little.  They are SO similar, so I go a little nutso i.e. “who is this crazy woman?” with him.  So I said O.K. and promised to keep it in check.  And then… he walked up…
and my heart melted into a million pieces.  The best part of the story is that Mr.Tough Guy Roger took a ZILLION photos of him.  So when we started picking out photos for the blog he kept pulling his Brayden photos.  So I put my hand gently on his and said “Don’t get all caught up with Brayden today.  He isn’t yours.  This blog is about Emma and Chad.”  So he demanded just one – and this is the one he chose.  And my heart melted again.
Chad – even though I’m pretty sure you didn’t love the entire photo process – you rocked it out.

Don’t make me get started on the light during the fall again.  It is too tremendous for words.
Hello bright yellow trees!
You know those fake fall backgrounds at Sears Portrait Studio?  This isn’t one of those.  But it is definitely so beautiful you could mistake it for fake.  But clearly – not cheesey enough to be Sears.
The stars aren’t fake – when you are in the country you can actually see them!Before we packed up our gear to head home, Emma came up and said “Wait!  I have something for you!” and gave us two wine glasses engraved for an anniversary present.  That is Emma – she thinks of everyone else before herself.  She is an amazing person, an amazing mother, and now – an amazing wife.  We are so happy to see their little family now officially united and ready to begin their happily ever after!  Emma & Chad – we are proud to share our anniversary with you and will never forget the best anniversary celebration we have ever had – the one where we celebrated love – with two people so very in love.  Congrats!

Be sure to check out more of Emma & Chad (and my Brayden) in their slideshow!

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Emma - I love these!!! Thank you so much Karin and Roger! You did an amazing job!

Nikki Hibbs - Aww Emma!!! This was absolutley, amazingly ,beautiful!!!! The pictures were perfect, and you made a stunning bride!! I am so happy that you got the fairly tale wedding of your dreams. Congrats to you and Chad again. I couldn’t be more happy for the both of you. Karin and Roger did a terrific job


Sherree Lynn Schneider - WOW…Karin, everytime I see your photo blogs, I think to myself that your photography couldn’t get any better, and then you amaze me with another photo shoot. This one is BY FAR my most favorite. The photo of the reception venue with the stars in the sky OMG is all I can say…incrediable. Others that stick in your mind…the wedding rings hanging on the leaf of a cherry tree, the GORGEOUS fall tree backgrounds. I don’t know how the bride and groom could just pick a few, I’d have to have them all. I loved their wedding photo’s so much, I wanna buy them! LOL OUTSTANDING job guys…and a belated Happy Anniversary!


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