Emma & Chad (and Brayden) {engaged}

It’s the old story of the “bad boy” and the “good girl”.  Emma was a sweet high school student involved in sports and school – shyly staying in the background.  Chad was the life of the party – always having a good time and never seen without a smile.  So when they saw each other at a party after high school, Emma was no longer shyly in the back ground.  She felt comfortable in her own skin – and didn’t hesitate to spend the evening chatting and laughing with Chad.  When he walked her to her car, the snow gently fell in her soft brown hair and Chad leaned in to kiss her.  Emma still gets a little giddy telling the story because it was one of those moments she’ll never forget.

Another one of those moments was when she walked in her house after a long night at work to a house lit only with candles.  When Chad came around the corner dressed up with a ring in hand, Emma began to cry and said yes before he could even finish.

Chad and Emma have a beautiful son Brayden (who has stolen my heart).  Although they are already a family, the two look forward to becoming husband and wife this October surrounded by family and friends.

Enjoy Emma & Chad (And my boyfriend Brayden’s) photos!!

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Emma Soland - OMG Karin these are great! I love them.

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