Emily & Mike {Wedding Day}

We knew Emily & Mike’s day would be special.  Emily has been a bridesmaid in 2 of the weddings we’ve photographed and they have been guests at plenty of others.  They also won our Christmas contest last year and had a very amazing engagement session this spring.  Throughout all the times we’ve been around this couple one thing has been apparant every time – Emily and Mike are IN. LOVE.  Like head over heels.  Like when we ask a couple to look at one another for a photo – they gaze at one another.  When they kiss – they don’t just bring their lips together – they get lost in the moment.  They are truly a photographer’s dream because their love is not something you need to coax along or stage… it’s just there.

Besides how remarkable their love is when together, individually these two are outstanding people.  Mike is finishing his doctorate degree of Oncology (his degree has a much bigger name that I can’t pronounce let alone spell) and basically going to cure cancer.  Even though that alone is outstanding, he is one of the most caring, warm, and kind-hearted men I’ve ever met.  And Emily is giving, and courteous, and hard to find without a smile on her face.  Yes folks, they are pretty much perfection.

Arriving at the church we were excited to watch the day unfold.  It was our last “Combo” wedding of the season, so we had our friend and amazing second (or is it third?) shooter Amanda in tow and we all were prepared for a beautiful, relaxing fall day!  Enjoy Emily & Mike’s wedding day!
Emily – you are too gorgeous.
and Mike – you are SO handsome.  There is no other person with as warm of a smile.  Your momma raised you right and I know she is SO PROUD!Again, Roger was shooting video this day.  But when he saw Emily in this beautiful light everything came to a halt and he went and got his still camera.  Any wise photographer knows that chances like these are once in a lifetime.  And I must say both parties WORKED.  IT.  OUT.
He just couldn’t help himself!

And again – Roger steals the show.  I do love that man.Some of you may recognize a couple of these lovely bridesmaids who have become wonderful, forever friends of mine.  However all of these ladies were awesome!

Speaking of awesome…Quit it.  It’s not normal to be that breathtaking.I’ve been dreaming of such a fire escape all of my life.  It truly is glorious dontcha think?Amanda told us about this charming little soda fountain shop, and since we were right by it we HAD to stop in.  The owners let us come right in and do whatever we wanted and even gave the bride and groom a special treat.  If you are ever in the area, stop in an enjoy!Emily & Mike – I’ve been waiting for this blog post for awhile now – looking forward to sharing with you how wonderful your wedding day was.  There is nothing but beautiful, sweet, warm days in your future together and we’ll enjoy watching you grow together through the years.


Enjoy more of Emily & Mike’s photos in this slideshow.  And if you are anything like me, you may want a tissue!

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Amanda Zika - Being on vacation I missed out on when you posted this. Wow, we did rock it out that day. I have a wedding there this weekend and cannot wait. My favorite new place to shoot!

Emily K. - I think it’s pretty safe to say these pictures left me speechless … considering it’s taken me over a week to come up with the perfect THANK YOU! Karin, Roger, and Amanda – you seriously pulled out all the stops to make this day perfect for Mike and me. We cannot thank you enough. So many people have given us compliments on these photos. Mike and I were both caught by surprise to see the “X” photo in the slide show – a true testiment that you captured the little details that mean so much to us. Thank you again for making the day perfect and we can’t wait to have these pictures hanging all throughout our home! Emily & Mike

Waneta - Breathtaking. Just breathtaking! Mike and Emily, your pictures are gorgeous because you two are so gorgeous. Congratulations, again, on your new marriage. Your photographers captured how beautiful that day was and you will now have that forever. I am just blown away by the photography, which is, in my opinion, the most important part of a wedding. Your photographer wrote it well how your love is truly visible in your pictures. Just as I know Mike has done everything so far, and I’m sure I can assume Emily has as well, your wedding demonstrated your poise and grace and good-naturedness. I wish you both the absoulte best of everything in your future. Kuch, I love you and now, Emily I love you by association! Your friend, Waneta

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