Emily + Jared {wedding story}

Emily and Jared are two of the most genuine, caring, joyful, laid-back yet energetic, thoughtful, loving (I can keep adding adjectives but you get the point) people you will ever meet.  When you think about the “ultimate couple” these are the people you should envision.  They respect one another wholeheartedly, and have a deep love that movies are written about.  The way they look at one another, the way they hold one another, the way they laugh without abandon.  It’s a true marvel that a love like this exists, and a true inspiration.  But not only is their treatment of one another a wonderful inspiration, but their treatment of others is truly remarkable.  I remember sitting down with these two as they were planning their wedding, and on a time when they should be enjoying talking about their dreams and plans, they actively listened about somethings going on in our lives at the time, and we had deep conversations about life and the world – and they showed so much interest and care for someone they’d just met.  That’s a great indication of who these people are.  We admire these two people’s hearts, and after meeting their families and friends we could see that they’ve grown up with excellent examples of love and caring.
This post isn’t going to be short, nor is it going to be short of photos filled with life, happiness, and love.  Enjoy Emily & Jared’s wedding day!


Emily’s joy is always written all over her face.  She is so expressive and animated.  I just love how much she loves life!


I cannot even express how much I love this bouquet by Poppies Design Studio.  Beyond perfect!!


Before a first glance with Jared, Emily wanted a first glance with the other man in her life – her dad.  Watching these two, you couldn’t help but smile.  WHat a beautiful example she has had of unconditional love.


Emily, inside and out – you are beautiful.  Your parents, your friends, your brothers, Jared – are all so fortunate to have you to cherish.  You are seriously the cat’s meow!


Jared – you are such an honorable, genuine man and it takes all of 2 seconds to see why Emily would love and respect you like she does.  And it’s no wonder your momma is so proud!


That magical moment before a kiss – the pause where your heart skips a beat… yummo.


More of those fantastic, vibrant, joyful details!!


You should know that this was one of the best things I’ve ever seen happen during a wedding ceremony.  And yes, the groom is taking a photo of his bride and priest with a disposable camera.  That happened.


Have you ever seen so much happiness?




MORE GORGEOUS than I can handle.EJ026EJ027EJ028

Not only is the wedding party filled with laughter…EJ029

They are filled with love for these two as well!


Emily was so excited to get to use this old green truck, and when we saw it pull up we were equally as pumped.  I am a sucker for an old truck, but this one is GORGEOUS!



As we headed to the reception, a message came across my phone that our friend’s 19 year old daughter had been involved in a freak accident.  She had been laying on a hammock, and the tree collapsed, crushing her, and they weren’t sure if she would live.  This of course sent me into a panic of text messages and trying to get as much info as possible before I had to be ready to give my attention back to the job at hand.  Right before the festivities of the reception kicked off, we got word that she didn’t make it.  I have to say, that I don’t think I’ve ever taken the moments of a reception into my heart so deeply as I did that evening.  Watching all of those significant moments, the heartfelt toasts, the tears, the first dance as husband and wife, the bride dancing with her father – all things our friends who just lost their daughter unexpectedly would never experience.  Moments that you treasure for a lifetime.  Maybe it’s easy sometimes as a wedding photographer to see another first dance, or another cake cut, and not think much of it – but I assure you – this evening drove home not only the importance of what we do, but most importantly how short life is and how valuable moments like these truly are.  I may have spent the evening with my camera hiding my face so no one saw the crazy photographer crying as the bride danced with her dad, but I certainly look at these images and smile knowing they have these wonderful memories captured to relive this magnificent day and that this was just the beginning of something spectacular.  No matter what life throws at these two, they’ll get through it with one another.


Emily & Jared – there aren’t enough thank you’s in this world.  We are so grateful you chose us, and will always be fans of you both and your phenomenal love.

The details about Emily & Jared’s day!!
CEREMONY LOCATION:​ St. Boniface Catholic Church in Edwardsville, IL​
RECEPTION VENUE:​ Edwardsville Moose Lodge​
FLORIST: ​ The amazing Becky Klein – Poppies Design Studio in Columbia, IL​
MAKE-UP:​ Amanda Miller
DRESS DESIGNER:​ Mori Lee​; dress was purchased at Frew’s Bridal in Alton, IL
CAKE:​ Debbie Wedel​
DJ/BAND: ​ Tim with Short Circuit Entertainment ​
Our wonderful families and wedding party​
Katy Goldman, my awesome hair dresser
Gina with Sweeties who did our candy bar
Fun Tyme Limo Service out of St. Louis -our wedding party is still talking about our bus and driver being over the top wonderful!
Fema’s Catering in Benld, IL -if you have never had their Tortellini in a creamy garlic sauce you are truly missing out
Emily Kirkpatrick Designs who created our wedding invitations and programs
My husband Jared for making pulled pork the week of our wedding to serve as a late night snack 🙂
Last but certainly not least: TenSixteen for being amazing all day with our wedding party and 6 (yes 6) total ring bearers and flower girls
FAVORITE PART OF THE WEDDING DAY:​ My favorite part of the day was seeing Jared, doing a first look worked out timewise so much better for us! Spending the weekend with our family and friends who travelled near and far to be a part of our wedding day made our day so special. Weather – we could not have been more fortunate!​
ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE:​ Somehow my bustle broke before the reception, but we made it work! Other than that the day was perfect for us!
ADVICE TO FUTURE BRIDES AND GROOMS!​ Our friends who were married last year, told us to take 5 minutes at our reception to just enjoy that time with one another. Those few precious minutes of just being with my husband in the midst of the hustle and bustle truly were special. ​

Now that you’ve read the story, heard the details, and even though this post is filled with so many photos, you won’t want to miss this video with more of this fabulous day!!!

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