Elizabeth K. {Senior Photos}

Senior photos definitely are a instant trip into the happy zone.  There isn’t much better than spending time with someone who is our age (ok – I forget, we are only still 18 in our heads) and who is going through such an exciting time of their life.  We meet the MOST AMAZING people – parents and teens – and we enjoy turning a session into an experience.

Elizabeth… NOW you see why we were going a little crazy in this spot!!  SO stinkin gorgeous!!  OWWWW!

Silly string = good times.

Seriously?  Tyra Banks would remind you of the prizes you are competing for, Nigel would say he loves the positioning of your body, Andre would say how you are modeling H to T, and Tyra would award you the picture of the week and display this photo in your home as digital art and all the other girls would be SO jealous.  Because girlfriend… this shot is MAJA!!!

Elizabeth – your talents are countless, but two more to add to the list… your ability to work a camera, and your ability to charm your photographers.  As I told you mother… she should be so proud of what an amazing young woman you are and what a complete joy you are to be around.  We know you will be successful at any direction you decide to go in life and are so thankful to have met you!!  XOXO

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Mary Lou Delaney - One descriptive word you forgot about Elizabeth-o. You look beautiful Elizabeth. Great pictures Karin!

Mary Lou Delaney - Sorry the word was funny. My computer keeps acting up.!

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