Dorri & Tim (and a Harley) {Engaged}

Dorri and Tim had math class together in High School.  He was a Junior and she was a Freshman.  Tim started courting Dorri by writing her notes and asking her if they could hang out.  And then one day after school at a friend’s house – he made it official and gave her his class ring.  No matter which way you add it up (get it?  Math class?  Add it up?  Seriously – I’m good at this.) they were meant to be!!

Years later Tim went with a friend to buy Dorri’s wedding ring.  That same evening Dorri was discussing with Tim’s friend what all they had done that day.  The friend began to list off the places they went, and went ahead and accidentally mentioned they’d gone to Jared.  Well – unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what “we went to Jared” means.  So in true Dorri style, she walked right up to Tim and said “Alright!  Where’s the ring?”  Tim played dumb.

That night they went home to let the dog out.  While opening the kennel door Dorri ripped 3 finger nails off and was bleeding.  They went to wash off the wounds and put band-aids on at which point Dorri saw a ring on Tim’s pinky.  And then that night at their house – he made it official and gave her a wedding ring.  No matter which way you still added it up (wink wink) they were meant to be!!

So.  How does the Harley tie in?  Well, Tim wanted to buy a Harley desperately – and in true Dorri style, she told him he could get a Harley when she got a ring.  He bought the ring – and the Harley – all in the same week.  So how apropriate that the Harley (and the ring) be in the engagment photos!!

Dorri and Tim look forward to their wedding coming up at the end of this month!!  Enjoy their session!!

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Becky - Dorri, these are really good! and you look great, even if you were sweating. haha. I love the fuschia ones….

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