Dawn + Luke {love story}

He is a good friend of her brother in law.  Dawn’s sister was constantly telling her she needed to date Luke, so one day she finally agreed.  Right away, she was hooked.
Speaking of hooked, one of the couples favorite things to do is relax in a boat together and fish.  May 11th Luke called Dawn on her way home from work and asked if she wanted to go fishing at his grandpa’s lake. When they started fishing it was windy out and Dawn’s fishing lure wasn’t heavy enough to cast long distance. She was frustrated, so Luke handed Dawn his pole to fish so he could tie a new lure on her pole. After putting the new lure on her pole,  Luke tried giving Dawn her pole back. She told him she was fine using the one I had, but he insisted that he took the time to put a “shiny” new lure on to try. She reluctantly takes her pole back and gets ready to cast out when Luke frantically yells “Did you see the shiny new lure I put on your pole?” She stopped and looked at the “shiny new lure” and was confused – bringing it closer for further inspection while turning around to find Luke down on one knee asking her to marry him! She of course said YES and both were relieved she didn’t cast her shiny new ring into the water!!!
Enjoy a sneak peek at Dawn and Luke’s beautiful engagement session!

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