Danny D. {Senior}

To say that we love photographing senior photos would be an understatement.  Being primarily wedding photographers, there is very few times that we don’t photograph under immense time constraints.  So to be able to photograph willing participants, with no time issues, and with the ability to kick back and get creative… there is nothing better.  Case in point, we were considering specializing more for senior girls.  I feel like I understand the senior girl and what she wants, as well as how to pose her.  And senior girls ENJOY being photographed – which is ultimately who we want to market to.  Happy people who enjoy being photographed.  In my personal experience, boys are a challenge and aren’t always the most cooperative.  (I’m the mother to a teenage boy – I LIVE in uncooperative.)  But then… I met Danny.  And he changed the entire ball game.  Polite, mature, fun, handsome, patient, and cooperative.  He is what all mothers hope there son to be.  I don’t  know how we got lucky enough to photograph Danny, but his session will remain one of my favorites of all time.  Enjoy his senior pics!I feel like I should mention that Danny is not a professional model.  He followed direction well and ROCKED it with his expressions.  And is handsome, which -let’s face it – doesn’t hurt.

The one thing I promise to do on a senior photo session is to take kids places that they will probably think… UM, where are we?  I also may trespass but that’s a different story.  We were driving down the road when I yelled “TURN AROUND” to Roger.  “For what?” he said.  “I saw a cool car.”  I replied.  He pulled into the lot and said “where?”  “RIGHT THERE!!!”  I think I puzzled both he and Danny, but I promised they would be off the hook images….and yeah, I made due on my promise.  HOLLA!!!
Another thing about Danny is that he is an incredible runner.  In fact – 2 days after our shoot he broke a 61 year State record for the 1,600 meter.  I like to think that we played an intricate part in this, but I’m not sure.  However I do think we produced some SMOKIN hot images of him doing what he loves most.  (Congrats on your big win Danny!)

These aren’t the only great photos Danny took – they were ALL wonderful.  CLICK HERE to see more!

Danny, we wish you nothing but the best in the pursuit of your dreams.  We know you’ll achieve anything you set your mind and heart to!

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Laura Ranger - Totally hot senior pics!! You are gonna have those seniors beating your door down to take their pictures! GREAT JOB!

TBran - First, I wanna say CONGRATS to Danny for breaking a school record, how cool is that? – Great job K&R, and um……WOWZA on what I call the “windshield shoT” – dead on iT!

Amanda Zika - Pretty speechless right now. Which you know me and that never happens. Wow, Karin, seriously these are the best senior photos I have ever, ever seen. That 2nd photo is my fav 🙂

Christine - First let me pick my jaw off the floor!!! Karin these are amazing!!!! The lighting rocks!!!

Sue Levan - I always knew Danny was handsome but WOW!! My Jenny is a lucky girl.

Mary Lou Delaney - You’re right. He does do a mother proud. We love the pictures and sisters can’t believe he does yet another thing well. Good job Karin!

Dawn Devall - I’m gonna say it………HOLY SHIT!!! These are so good!!!! I LOVE the car shots! I seen your pic in Carlinville the other day, something about looking for tresspasser or something, anyhow, just watch your back! Way to go Danny, and Karin and Rog. They are Ah-mazing!!!

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