Danielle & Josh {Wedding Day}

A year ago when I did Danielle & Josh’s engagement session I said it… I profoundly stated that I indeed had a crush on them.  1 year and several interactions later – it’s much worse.  These two are so charming.  You can’t not fall in love with them within seconds.  Their warm smiles, their soft laughs, and their visually strong love for one another.  You can instantly see how these two are one another’s best friend.  And after getting to know them together – I cannot imagine knowing them apart.  It’s a package deal with these two… without the other I don’t think they could exist.  The commitment was already there, but this was the day to make it official in front of their family and friends.  And everyone there was just as taken with them as they are with one another.  Enjoy Danielle & Josh’s wedding day.


Danielle has the girl next door beauty and charm.  She is the girl that every mom dreams of her son marrying.  She’s gorgeous and breathtaking – and doesn’t know it.0304

and Josh… he is the guy that every mom wishes for her daughter, the guy every girl dreams of meeting, the guy that you hear rumors about existing – but you swear his kindness is an urban legend.  Handsome and sweet – Josh is an amazing man.0607

Since it was their wedding night, Danielle & Josh spent the night apart although they didn’t want to.  The first thing they said to one another when they saw one another before the ceremony was “I missed you”0517

Hidden Lake Winery is such an amazing place for weddings.  Even though most of the leaves were down it looked fantastic.


The owner of the winery – Dale has this AWESOME ride that he was nice enough to let us use for some shots.  I am in love with this car and the photos of these two with it.  Off the charts HOT!


Hello sexy.16Possibly my fave of all time.  Just downright yummy.


Danielle & Josh – You two inspire me to be a better person.  Your kindness and love is infectious.  The way you two treat each other is an amazing example to others and I am truly in awe of you both.  Roger, Amanda, and I enjoyed your wedding day so much and were touched by your love and warmth.  I hope you enjoy your photos over the holiday with your new families and know that you both have SO SO much to be thankful for.  Congratulations.

PS – Danielle, when spending the holidays with your new family – if your new brother in law tries any more Cirque du Soleil moves – wear a helmet and padding please.  I’d hate for you to sustain any more injuries.  😉  And when the two of you bring children in the mix I think you might look into padding for them as well.  I’m just sayin.

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Danielle - OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Karin, Roger, and Amanda – you outdid yourselves again!! Thank you so much for these beautiful shots…they are everything I knew they would be and MORE. Josh and I are so lucky to have had you there on our wedding day capturing these moments. I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

Jamie Moll - Truly amazing photos!!! Wow!

Pamela - your fav is mine too! great shot!

Amanda Zika - I was really excited to see this blog post and it is finally here! I knew those car pics would be hot but man, hot isn’t even hot enough. They are awesome! Karin and Roger – I think this was our last wedding this year to shoot together and that makes me sad. Until next year though!

Danielle and Josh – you two are truly amazing and I feel so blessed to be part of your special day. May God bless you a life full of love and much happiness. Love, Amanda

mia - What a gorgeous wedding! The photos are awesome! Everything was perfect beautiful. Congratulations and God bless you with a long, happy life together!

Sheryl Tonnies Plocher - I am in love with you too 🙂 Your photos are amazing!! Starry Eyed rocks! OMG! Seriously…tough choices…buy them all 🙂

Susan Tonnies - OMG! These pictures are amazing, as are the subjects! The comments are so sweet…and genuine. You photographers weren’t there just doing a *job*….you put so much meaning and thought into your work. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Linda Huelsmann - AWESOME!!!!!The most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!!!!!The most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen!!! You both look like movie stars! And the captions made us teary:)Can’t wait to see the rest…

Kate Frerker - Danielle & Josh,What beautiful memories the both of you created for your special day.Your photographer was awesome!!!

Elaine Behrmann - Danielle and Josh your photos are awesome! You two are truly a beautiful couple! The captions and the scenery, are beautiful, making for wonderful treasured memories for both of you

Elaine Behrmann - Josh and Danielle,

These photos are positivly gorgeous! Such wonderful memories! You are a beautiful couple!

Dawn Devall - I don’t think I’ve ever said this before but I’m speechless! AWESOME!!!!!

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