Dana & Brian {engaged}

They’d been dating awhile, and it seemed as though everywhere they went people were asking them when they’d finally get married.  Brian teased that every time someone asked he would tack on a year to the day he planned to propose.  He was old fashioned and when the time was right, he wanted it to be a complete surprise.  She figured she would know it was coming, yet somehow Brian bought a ring and asked her parents all the while Dana had no idea.

They had dinner plans one Sunday evening, and as Dana was getting ready, Brian was relaxing on the couch watching basketball.  It was an average Sunday – nothing out of the ordinary… until something extraordinary happened.  Brian called Dana into the living room.  Sure he was calling her in to see some sort of replay on ESPN she took her time coming to see what he needed.  When she walked in the room Brian was on one knee with a ring.  “What are you doing?” she exclaimed!!  He told her he wanted to spend forever with her and in all the shock and excitement, neither one knows for sure if she ever said answered!!  But without question, the response was and will always be yes!!

The couple look forward to their wedding day next summer!  Enjoy a few of their engagement photos!!

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Kacie - These are sooo good!!!!

Ashley - Love them!

Ashley - Dana you look fantastic!

Eric - Brian looks so handsome!

Whitney Thornton - These are gorgeous, Dana!! You both look wonderful! Can’t wait until the wedding!

Erik Thornton - Great pics guys! Looking forward to the wedding!!

Dana - Thanks so much Karin & Roger!! 🙂

Erin - Oh my word! These are adorable! Your photographer really captured your personalities. Cute dress sister, these pictures are amazingly sweet! Love them!

Jess Westover - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Erica Markey - One of my favorite couples! Great pictures!

jordanne - The last one is my favorite!

casey - i love these pictures!!!!! they are all awesome! congrats again.

Jessica - I love all of them! You guys are adorable!

Brian - Thanks Karin & Roger! And thanks to everyone for your great comments!

mike - Great pics guys. You both look so happy.

Aunt Lorie - The pictures are great; I especially like the park bench picture and the last one of your faces. Can’t believe my “favorite” is getting married!!

Liza Tucker - What a great looking couple!! I especially love the picture under the bridge. Congratulations!!

Miriam Bell - Dana is super photogenic…looking good girl! =)

Carrie Buss - Looks GREAT!!!!

Amy - Brian, these are great! You both photograph so well. Cant wait to meet Dana. You are even wearing your STRONG band!!!

Lindsey - I love them all!!! Such a cute couple, Brian you’re a lucky guy.

Tiffany - Oh my gosh!!!!!! These are stunning!!! Love you!!!

Aunt Andrea McGuire - I can just see the love in these pictures..Just beautiful. We are so excited for you two!

Diane - Awesome pictures. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Love you both…

Becky Anaya - These photos capture your love for each other. These photos are striking. Congrats to both of you.

Melissa - These are amazing! You two look great and very happy!

Aunt Laura - The pictures are beautiful – how blessed you both are! Congratulations!

Natalie (work with Dana's mom) - So very cute!!!

Amber - Awww… aren’t you two sweet!

Shelly - Wow, Brian!

Nancy Grimm - Congratulations! Your pics are just beautiful!!

Lindsay - Amazing pictures! What an adorable couple. 🙂

Sean Phillips - You guys look great! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Aunt Jo - Wow these pictures are amazing! You guys look great and so happy! Thanks for sharing these pictures. Can’t wait for the big day!

Aunt Tracy - I love all the pictures. We are looking forward to the wedding.

Aunt Susan - WOW!! You two are just adorable and take FANTASTIC pics! Each picture is so good that I have a hard time picking a favorite! Love you both and hope to see you soon!

Mahoneys - What awesome pictures you both take!!! We love them all! Love you guys so much and can’t wait for the BIG day 7-20-13 🙂

Kanika (Work with Susan) - Beautiful pics!! Congratulations!!!!!

Sarah Rouland - You’re beautiful Dana, and you guys make a stunning couple 🙂 I enjoyed reading the engagement story, thanks for sharing the pretty pictures!

Susan and Dom - Love you!! Great pics!!

Susan - Awesome 🙂

mary anne & ron - Dana and Brian, we LOVED the photos! You both look so happy and we are happy that you have found each other. Wishing you all the best. Mary Anne and Ron

Julie - They are all great! Can’t wait for your wedding!

Rachel - Beautiful pictures!

Mom - I love the way you look at each other in these shots. Your photographer did a beautiful job of framing you in an environment that highlights your love for each other. Beautiful work!!! I’m so happy for you both!

Meg Saak - Dana you look so pretty!! I love these pictures, they are so SO well done!!

Margaret - So great! Such a cute style!! You guys look great!!!!

Kelsey - Love them!

Jenn - Yay!! 🙂

Celeste - These pics are gorgeous!!! Love you guys!

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