Jenna + Zach {wedding story}

We have been SO looking forward to sharing this wedding.  I am not even sure where to begin.  Cousin Jenna has gotten to be a friend over the years.  She isn’t actually my cousin or Roger’s cousin, but a friend and former bride Amy’s cousin.  I first met her sister, Cousin Sarah who is also a great friend (as well as a bride this year) and also not my cousin.  Amy calls them “cousin Jenna and Cousin Sarah” so therefor I do too.  I don’t have many cousins so it’s only fair that I get to call them that.  Roger calls them that too and I think if we said their names without “cousin” before it. we’d have no idea who the other was talking about.  So – hence the name Cousin Jenna in the title.  (It’s also that way on my phone and on her folder of wedding info.) So cousin Jenna got engaged in PARIS to this handsome man named Zach, and when she called about doing the wedding I thought I’d just die from excitement.  These two individuals are as adorable as they come.  Just gorgeous inside and out.  I couldn’t wait to tell their love story, and head up to Cullom IL for another cousin getting married!  So the day arrived and it was just even more picture perfect than I had dreamed.  Yes, we went overboard on photos, and yes, we’ll go overboard on love, but hey – it’s not that often that one of your pseudo cousins get married!!  (well, except it’s happening again in October, but but we’ll cross that bridge later.  Oh and speaking of bridges – before you read on check out THIS engagement story!) Enjoy Jenna & Zack’s GORGEOUS wedding day!!jz001jz002jz003jz004jz005

I’m not going to apologize for the obscene amount of photos of Jenna.  When I walked in the door she literally took my breath away.  I have never seen her look so beautiful.  She was seriously the MOST fun to photograph that day and was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen.jz006

And good Lord did she find a handsome man to marry.  Charming and handsome.  Gah.  These two are perfection.jz007

There is gorgeous Cousin Sarah. Pretty runs in their bloodline clearly.


LOVED the super sweet details and down home feel of the day!jz010jz011

Oh yeah, the church is gorgeous too!jz012jz013

Cousin Jenna kept putting photos on Instagram and Facebook that said “sweating for the wedding” and apparently she really was.  I think a few thousand pushups and a mean workout schedule paid off because seriously… those arms and shoulders!!!jz015







Like I said – I make no apologies for the number of photos of this gorgeous bride.  Narrowing it down was impossible!  THis girl OWNED IT!jz028jz029I mean OWNED it.jz030KB__1577KB__1576KB__1578jz034jz035KB__1575jz037KB__1579jz039jz040 jz041jz042

If you don’t know the significance of this ring shot, you must read here!!jz044

We’ve decided to end our blog posts a little differently by sharing a bit more about the day.  Enjoy the details, and be sure to see more photos in the slideshow below!!  XOXO Cousin Jenna & Zach!!  Cheers to forever from KDizzle and Rog!!


Ceremony Location: St. John’s Catholic Church in Cullom, Illinois

Reception Venue: Hilton Garden Center in Kankakee, Illinois

Florist: Becky Freed-Fairbury, Illinois

Make-up: Outer Beauty Airbrush Makeup: Dominica Swajnos

Dress Designer: Adore Bridal in Morton, Illinois-bought wedding dress.

Cake: Melissa Halpin, Kempton, Illinois

Band: Maggie Speaks out of Chicago Special

Special Shout out to my MOM: Marcia, SISTER: Sarah, FRIEND: Jill, and my AUNT TINA

FAVORITE PART OF YOUR WEDDING DAY?  Receiving my gift from my mom prior to going to the church, then of course seeing Zach’s reaction as I walked down the isle with my amazing dad 🙂

IF YOU HAD ONE THING YOU’D CHANGE: Zach and I would most definitely think realistically about the liquor and open bar option–but everyone had fun 😉

WORDS OF ADVICE FOR FUTURE BRIDES AND GROOMS: Enjoy every minute of your day; especially with your family and soon to be inlaws. I let the stress and chaos get to me several months in advance which takes the fun out of what it is all about. Accept help when offered and smile with the mistakes and things you can’t prevent or change–CHANGE especially. I love and appreciate each and everyone who took part in Zach and I’s special day for everything went perfect. I could not have asked for a better day, better groom, better family, and especially photographers 🙂 LOVE YA!!!!

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