COCO BONGO {Professional Spotlight}

Wether you are a bride looking for a great place for your girls to get ready on your wedding day (with mimmosas and Jello shots, maybe some Kesha, and alot of laughter) or a high schooler getting ready to attend prom or get your “hair did” for your senior photo session – Coco Bongo is THE place for you to go.  Sure – they are great for your everyday stuff as well, but what gives them that little extra some’in some’in is their special way of making YOUR day into a even bigger deal.  For weddings, they truly go above and beyond to cater to the bride, her bridesmaids, and even moms.  You cannot walk into their studio without knowing that you are in for a great time.  They never miss a beat and are the embodiment of customer satisfaction.

As photographers, we know the value of a great stylist.  You are thorough on finding the right person to capture your wedding day or your senior photos, but the most talented photographer in the entire world doesn’t matter one bit if you don’t like the way you look in your images.  And part of that process is having a professional help you look your best.  But even better yet – isn’t it awesome to know that you can have FUN in the process and be completely pampered.

I recently had the pleasure of heading up to Coco Bongo to grab some promotional photos while there was a sea of girls there getting ready for prom.  The excitement in the air was palpable.   The girls of Coco Bongo know how to run a business and they know how to cater to their market.  They look the part, the decor is FUN, and they don’t miss a beat – ensuring that everyone who walks in their door is getting more than just a hairstyle or makeup – they are getting an experience.  THAT is what makes a good business – great.  So there is NO question that Coco Bongo needs a huge shout out this week as our vendor spotlight!  Please be sure to friend them on Facebook and go in for a visit and let them rock your world!!

Be sure to check out this video highlight as well – and turn up your speakers CoCo Bongo style!!!!

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Julie - OMG – I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! This salon looks WAY too fun!! Where is it located?

Stacy - You should start writing for travel magazines!! This blog is so descriptive I could almost smell the hairspray! Love it. (And PS – how cute are those girls?)

Carrie V. - Do you think my 7 bridesmaids would mind if we drove an hour to Coco Bongo for our hair and makeup? It IS my day, right?

Kim - Too fun! I think I’m going to have to switch hair salons. Even if it’s a little further it looks worth the drive! Count me in.

Christy - I LOVE the girls at Coco Bongo!! Great stylists, Great atmosphere, Great FUN!!! <3 ya girls!!

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