Clarissa + Jim {wedding story}

You would think between being a second shooter for weddings for 7 years followed by photographing weddings on our own for 12 years that there would be no more firsts.  We’ve probably seen it all right?  Well Clarissa and Jim’s day would prove that theory wrong!  There would be so many firsts for us on this day but one thing reins true as always… love always wins!!

Enjoy Clarissa and Jim’s wedding day!

There was a theme to the day we think you’ll pick up on fairly quickly 😉tensixteen_2956tensixteen107tensixteen108tensixteen109So much to love here but we REALLY love that sign!!  😉
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – the ceremony took place on an ice rink!!  A definite first for us!  We love that Jim and Clarissa took what they love and made it the center of their day!  The entire day was authentically them!
tensixteen110tensixteen111tensixteen112tensixteen113tensixteen114tensixteen115Recognize this guy??  It’s none other than Charles Glen – the man who has been singing the national anthem and “When the Blues Go Marching In” for the Blues hockey team for more than 13 years. He is a huge fan favorite and sang both songs for Clarissa and Jim’s wedding!tensixteen116tensixteen117The National Anthem (both U.S. and Canadian) being played at the beginning of the ceremony was certainly another first for us this day!
tensixteen118tensixteen119tensixteen120tensixteen121tensixteen122tensixteen123tensixteen124tensixteen125tensixteen126tensixteen127tensixteen128tensixteen129tensixteen130tensixteen131You know someone is going to take a fall on the ice!!  I am just glad it wasn’t me!tensixteen132tensixteen133Next stop?  The Scottrade Center of course!!  Also our first time there on a wedding day!tensixteen134It happened to be the Blues home opener, so this group was definitely pumped for a win!tensixteen135tensixteen136tensixteen137tensixteen138tensixteen139tensixteen140tensixteen141tensixteen142tensixteen143It started to rain but it certainly didn’t spoil any fun!tensixteen144Jim is absolutely the nicest guy we’ve ever met – but he’s also incredibly funny.  You can totally see why these two would have such a big wedding party, because everyone loves them and wants to be their friend.  tensixteen145There’s no question Clarissa and Jim found the perfect match in one another!  Clarissa is so easy going and fun, and just so happy in love!tensixteen146tensixteen147tensixteen148tensixteen149The reception at the Franklin Room definitely kept the theme and fun going!tensixteen150Jim’s mom created an AMAZING dessert bar including Roger and my favorite St.Louis based treat – Gooey Butter Cake.  And I love a good play on words, so I had to love her “Stanley Cup cakes” 🙂tensixteen151Everyone should have an entrance this exciting to their reception!tensixteen152Another first?  Jim and Clarissa’s 3 dogs were part of the procession intros into the reception!!  tensixteen153tensixteen154Cuties.tensixteen155tensixteen156tensixteen157

Clarissa and Jim – we are so thrilled to have been a part of your special day, and to experience a day that was so authentic to the couple.  You through out the traditions that didn’t fit who you were or what you wanted, and you made the day completely your own.  Every guest, family member, friend, and even the vendors you hired were filled with joy and excitement because YOU were filled with joy and excitement.  And shouldn’t every wedding be like that!?!  You two nailed it and created an unforgettable day!!  Thank you for choosing us to capture it all!!  LGB!!!!

There is more to see of Clarissa and Jim’s day in the slideshow below…

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