At our wedding this weekend, the maid of honor was running around doing maid of honor type duties and she turned to me and said “Let me know if I get in your way.  I read your blog and I don’t want to make you mad and have you blog about me!”  It was from then on out the running joke of the day – anytime someone wasn’t cooperating I threatened to blog about them.

So I think, judging by the fear in people’s eyes lately and the comments on the blog and facebook – I probably ought to clarify some things regarding the last blog post.

First things first… I am not a fun hater.  I’m not crabby.  I promise.  Just look at how fun we were at the wedding where all the GWACs were at.

Clearly – we were still getting our fun on.

I will not yell at people for taking photos at a wedding.  I think you SHOULD take photos at a wedding.  And as long as you don’t give me dirty looks and act like I am in YOUR way – we are cool.


If you have a camera like this or something close to it – that last blog was not about you.

The cameras that ruin our photos are the ones with external flashes, accompanied by an owner who is approximately 12 inches behind my left shoulder clicking the shutter at the same time I am.  If you have never done this – I am not in any way, shape, or form referring to you.

And – just to let you know – this weekend we did not have one photo where someone’s flash ruined the shot.  (Maybe everyone read the previous blog and feared for their life?)  Luckily – the wedding in the last post was a very isolated case of someone being rude.  I hate to let one person’s ignorance ruin the fun, so please please please… enjoy yourself at the next wedding and bring your camera.  (unless you are that crazy, rude man.  You, sir can leave your camera at home.)

Happy Monday!!

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Amanda Zika - We are SMOKIN! I Luvs this picture too 🙂

Melissa McLaughlin - Ha ha! Too funny – maybe my MOH just wanted to get blogged about for real and was worried she’d be left out!?!? All kidding aside I think your original blog was very very valid! Any time a bride and groom picks a part of their wedding day so much time and effort goes into picking out exactly what it is they want and whom they believe can best provide that. Some factors our more important than others and that changes from couple to couple BUT for me photography was first and foremost one of the most important factors which is why we hired YOU and not our guests! And while I love my niece who is cute but kinda wound up at times and while it is cute that at 9 she fancies herself a real photographer (NON STOP PICS AND ALWAYS MAKING HER OWN PHOTO ALBUM FOR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS) I almost killed her when I looked oevr during the mother-son dance and she was racing all around the perimeter of the dance floor in front of you and Roger snapping away. I literally almost died and told my dad to grab her before I did! 🙂 Don’t worry Karin – we know that you are in no way crabby or mean!

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