Clare & Kyle {Wedding Day}

There is no doubt about it – a wedding invitation sets the tone of how the day is going to be.  Colorful, quirky, lavish, or unique – it’s the first thing a guest gets that tells them what the bride & groom’s day will bring.  So I squeeled when I opened Clare and Kyle’s invitation.  100% “got it” and felt that this was SO “them”.  Clare’s favorite holiday is Halloween, so she wanted that concept incorporated into their day.  Nothing traditional, just more of a shadowy, crepuscular type of event.  No flowers, but sticks, no bouquets, but lanterns, not bold sunshine and colors, but twilight.  Having that sort of theme to feed off of is a dream scenario for me.  I shoot best when shooting conceptually.  It gives me a momentum and being a very visual person it just works well for me.  Roger is very literal and shoot moments and emotion best and feeds of an enviornment where he can fade into the background and capture the “realness” of a day.  (This amongst a plethora of other reasons is why we make a great team and why you should hire us. 😉 )  So for Clare & Kyle’s day – we were made for them because they had this fabulous concept to feed off of, with a day and setting that lended to that, plus they are a super animated, loving bunch so all bases were covered.  What you’ll see in this post is a little different than our typical style, and hopefully what you see is that when we shoot a wedding we aren’t basing how we shoot on our style, but on yours!

When you walk into the Schilling household, it’s as if you are walking into family.  They treat you like they’ve know you for a lifetime and you feel comfort.  And you’ll hear coming out of the windows the sound of laughter.  Lots, and lots of laughter!!!

Clare – you are so naturally beautiful.  You are just a delight and there isn’t many women I admire more.

And Kyle – you are such a engaging, charming, and handsome man.  It’s truly no wonder that Clare – and everyone for that matter – loves you so much.

Oh hi supermodels!

Another thing Clare and Kyle’s day had going for it?  TIME.  They wanted everything as laid-back and calm as possible.  So they did a very low key first glance, and did all of the photos in the relaxed environment of Clare’s family farm.  No rushing, no stress, just a relaxed, fun afternoon with their family and friends.

The girls all carried lanterns instead of bouquets.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love me a beautiful bouquet – but THIS was one of the coolest things I’d seen at a wedding.

Another great part of Clare & Row’s day?  Their wedding party.  Composed of family and friends, this group was thoughtful, cooperative, accommodating, and fun.  In other words, they did what they were told, listened, and never complained.  And they shared lots of laughs and great times.  It truly doesn’t get any better!

Um, hello movie poster models.  How amazing are these two?

Working. It. Out.

Clare – this one is for you.

One of our favorite wedding party shots of all time.

And then we headed to the ceremony.  All the girls proceeded down the aisle with their lanterns lit, but unfortunately – Clare’s exploded when she lit it.  You’d never know, because this group rolls with the punches so well.  Their perspective on what matters most is so realistic and true.

The theme of the day carried out into the reception.  Twilight and Hallows, plus laid back and fun!  They had stations set up for food, including a soup station (OMG) and allowed their guests to kick back and enjoy before they arrived.  We’d have to say it was a hit with the guests and everyone really enjoyed every moment.

And then… KSDK News Channel 5’s Leisa Zigmann showed up with her cameraman in tow.  Another amazing aspect of Clare and Kyle’s day was that it just so happened to take place on Game 7 of the World Series, and Leisa wanted to know how they incorporated that into their wedding day.  You can view their interview and news feature HERE.

Side note – Leisa is even prettier in person.  True story.  We saw her up close.

The night was followed with cheers, tears, …

and a World Championship win!  Go crazy folks!!  That’s a winner!

Clare & Kyle – you two and your families will always have a special place in our hearts.  It just doesn’t get any better than spending a day with you all.  We are so lucky to know you and blessed for your trust in us to capture your day.  Like you’d wrote in the sweet card you gave us – it’s so bittersweet that this part is finished, but we look forward to an ongoing friendship.  And just so everyone is still aware, Beth & Ludger – the adoption offer is still on the table.

Congratulations to you both and enjoy a lifetime of happiness!!

Enjoy more of Clare & Kyle’s Wedding Day!!

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Clare - Karin and Roger – AMAZING!! you guys seriously are so talented Thank you so much for the best wedding present ever 🙂

Beth Schilling - Absolutely amazing! Once again you captured another wonderful day for one of our daughters. And remember you are always welcome but beware of the sound of laughter, lots of laughter! Beth

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