I remember being 14.  I remember being nervous about High School, being mad because none of my friends had the same lunch hour as me, and walking into the boys bathroom 3times because it was different on the second floor than it was on the 1st and 3rd.  I also remember… hairspray.  And ALOT of it.  I would need to be at the bust stop by 7:15 and I would awaken at 5:00am for the 2 hour preparation of getting my bangs to go straight up and then cascade down my forehead.  Curling irons, hairdryers, and hairspray.  The rest of 14 is pretty much a blur.

One thing I know for sure about 14 – I didn’t look or act as mature as Ciarra.



I know what you are saying – yeah right – this girl is not 14, but I assure you – her parents told me.  Having my own 14 year old I understand your disbelief.


Awww snap.


Saved my fave for last.  But there are plenty more where this came from!011

Ciarra, I am certain you will have NO problems at high school.  Clearly, you’ll be able to get much more time to sleep since you won’t need 2 hours of hairspray application, and since you’ll be more alert you won’t walk into the boys bathroom.  The only problem your gonna have is fighting off the boys!

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T Bran - She’s a lovely girl and I loved each and every one of her photos. Did she just do this for fun? It sure looked like it. Her parents will enjoy these for years to come!

Dondi Lechner - What a pretty girl! I loved them as well! She looks like a sweet girl too. Good job Karin!

Michele a.k.a. Ciarra's Mom - OMG! Karin, these are incredible! You truly captured the essence of my sweet beautiful girl. We’ll cherish these as a constant reminder of that amazing day and her impending transition to high school. You and Roger made this such a special experience for us all. Love you guys!

Amanda Zika - Fabulous! I love them all. She sure is beautiful!

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