Christmas is over… now what?

I’m a true Christmas geek.  I love every minute of the holiday season and always hate to see it go.  I know – most are relieved when it’s over while I’m in a state of denial trying to suck every last drop out of the holiday.  So in true spirit of not letting go yet – I figured I’d share a couple photos from my Christmas.  It’s actually the first holiday I’ve gotten out the ol camera in 3 years.  I’ll wait until you are done gasping to continue.  Yes, Christmas is sort of a day off for me believe it or not, and I usually rely on other people to take photos.  Hence the reason I have none from the past 3 years.  But this year I passed around the cameras and took some myself and thankfully 2009 will actually have some photos.  Life is too short, so get out your own cameras and document it all.  Plus it annoys your family which personally – is my favorite part.

To prove this fact I give you my teenage son…most of his photos look like thisc05So here are some more great parts of Christmas – besides annoying the ones you love!

Festive cocktails – Roger and I came up with a great drink for the holidays.  After the time with family – you may need a few of these.


Cooking for family – my favorite part.  I love preparing some goodies that are ladled with fat and yumminess.  Healthy snacks are for sissies.  (Disclaimer – I in no way feel like this is a flattering photo of myself, however it’s the only one of me since I’m always behind the camera.  PS – I’m staying there after this photo)


My favorite ornament.  This one is older than Roger…and THAT is OLD!


Unexpected guests – these guys showed up in our yard on Christmas.  Aren’t they cute!


gifts – come on – like the gifts aren’t one of your favorite parts!?!  I love the not knowing what you are about to uncover.  I love the thought (or lack of thought) people put in their gifts.  And I LOVE watching the reaction of others as they open their gifts.


The Tree – if 2010 is anything like 2009, this baby will be up til February.  I just hate taking it down so badly.  I’m in therapy for it.


Stocking gifts – beef jerky, some Sharpie pens, travel shampoo – it really doesn’t get any better than the stocking gifts.


and last but CERTAINLY not least… the snow.  I love snow and cold – especially on Christmas.  That rain fiasco was b.s. so I was so happy to see the white stuff Christmas day and I’m hoping it hangs around awhile!


Thanks for reliving my Christmas with me.  There is so much more stuff to come I’m excited to share all the news and sessions, so actually for once – I’m OK with letting the holiday end and move on!  Hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come with me!

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TBran - Awh – I loved that you shared these with us all. I so knew that you would mention the snow – and I have to admit, when I seen it fall out my in town window of my home….I immediately thought of you….and the view you would have.

Dawn Devall - I love you Karin for being what you are best~YOU!!! You are an AWESOME friend and I hope you know that!

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