Christine & Juan {Wedding Day}

Christine and Juan were so excited about this day – it was impossible to not feel excited by osmosis. The ceremony and reception was packed with people and there wasn’t a person there who isn’t crazy about this couple. To know them is to love them. Their happiness and love is contagious. It felt like every single person there was someone that they cared for immensely. Like they could have had a wedding party of 275 people if it was feasible. (Seriously – thank you for not doing that) You could say how blessed the couple is to have so many people who love them and so many who would drop everything to help them out if they needed. We would say how blessed all those people are. Because they have friends as true, as inspiring, as loving as Christine and Juan. Their character is difficult to find, and just like their love and commitment to one another – when you find it, you never want to let it go.
Enjoy Christine and Juan’s wedding day!!!

My mom will attest that from the ages of 8 to “too old to be playing with Barbies” I would do elaborate weddings with my Barbies and get out my little Kodak 110 camera and waste rolls of film taking photos of the “event”.  (I also made press on nails out of Play Dough, but that’s a different story altogether.)  So when I saw the full “Wedding Day Barbie” set I was SO jealous (my Barbie’s had homemade dresses).  I HAD to take some photos of them for old time’s sake. I’ll admit.  It felt great.Told you this shot would be off the hook Juan.  Christine – you looked SO happy on your wedding day!  And like a princess.  Thanks for being so darn pretty!Christine is SO sweet to her brother!  Love this shot Roger shot!Could the florals by Becky Huffman be any more amazing in these shots?  To say everyone was impressed would be an understatement. 

The only thing better than a tunnel, is a square tunnel.Christine and Juan hired a mariachi band to play during dinner, and even though it wasn’t there first dance that they had planned – they couldn’t help tearing up the dance floor while they played!  It’s not a fiesta if you don’t dance!!We are suckers for a good sky shot.  Thanks Christine and Juan for allowing Roger and I to drag you away for your reception!!  In our opinion it was totally worth it.

CHristine & Juan – thank you for allowing us to be part of your day and a part of your circle of friends.  We are so happy to watch you promise forever to one another and so excited for your happily ever after!

Enjoy more of Christine & Juan’s day by clicking the link below!

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Sandy Lewis - Christine – These are absolutely beautiful. Memories engraved forever. I am so happy for you!
Sandy Lewis

Roy Fechter - Hi Christine & Juan,

These photos wonderfully capture your beautiful wedding day. You put your heart and soul into this day and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thanks for sharing the day, and the memories.

Roy Fechter

Janet Bohnstadt - Christine,

What a beautiful wedding. All your hard work paid off it looked beautiful. Here is wishing you and Juan a wonderful life of happiness together.

Janet B.

Cathy Garcia - Wow! The pictures are gorgeous! I love all of them! They really captured your beautiful wedding perfectly! You will have so many wonderful memories to look back on. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

Lisa Silver - Oh my goodness! Your pictures are spectacular! It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful ceremony and a fabulous reception! Thank you for letting us join you for your special day… it was amazing!

Sandra Hatchett - Everything was absolutely beautifu! We were so happy to be able to celebrate with you. May God have many years of happiness in store for you guys.

Terri Feeney - These pictures are awesome. They did a fabulous job of capturing your special day. It couldn’t have gone any better….you make an excellent wedding planner!

Eileen Mena - The photos are fabulous. What a beautiful wedding and a special day for both of you. I wish you many years of happiness.

Patti Carr - Chrissie, you and Juan look so joyful! The pictures capture the spirit, energy and love of the day, not to mention the goregous bride with the winning smile and beautiful dark eyes and the handsome groom with the confident, happy look that seemed to say “I got her!” (And Minister man looks pretty snappy, too!) Your photographer did a terrific job and the sunset WAS worth it – that’s a great shot! Love, Aunt Patti

Toni Chapman - Photos are beautiful. They really capture the day and the happiness shared by Christine & Juan on their wedding day !

Jennifer Hall - There is a saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. Each picture captures the essence of the love that you have for each other. Your wedding day, from beginning to end, was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Laurie DeLunas - They did a fabulous job documenting every fabulous detail of the wedding! You looked absolutely gorgeous and you both look so happy together! Thank you for letting Michael and I share your special day.

Crystal Cresswell - What an extraordinary wedding, what amazing pictures and what a fabulous & stylish ( …Christine ) couple! I can’t wait until you plan my wedding 😉 I’m glad I got to be a part of your special day and can’t forget that cake buffet!

Pat Maguire - Oh my…these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing memory and a blessed life together!

ashley reininger - WOW! Christine you look AMAZING!!! Your pictures are beautiful! You’re going to have a difficult time choosing the perfect photos for an album!

Thess Pullen - I love it!!! Everything is Beautiful!!

Deb McClellan - Lovely photos that capture such happiness and beauty. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations. Deb

Jessica Olson - What wonderful pictures! I agree that the shot of you two on the hill is outstanding. I also love the angled one of the trellis. These pictures will easily recapture the magic of your special day as you look back. Congrats again to both of you. It’s great to see you both so happy!!

linda - The pictures are beautiful,
wishing you and Juan all the happiness and love I see in those
beautiful pictures. You have a wonderful Mom.

GLENDA GARZA - WOW! Christine you look Amazing!!! You are so beautiful just like the pictures. Enjoy choosing the perfect pictures for that special day.

Alicia Bolden - Oh my…simply breath taking! Your captured memories are AMAZING!Congratulations and many blessings! Thanks for sharing!

Lexi Kimbrell - Chrissie and Juan your pictures are awesome what a good job. You looked so beautiful and i am so glad i was able to be a part of your special day

Staci Garcia - Christine you made such a beautiful bride and the pictures look amazing what a great job. Everything was perfect for your special day

Brian Jordan - What great pictures!! They really capture what a delight my favorite cousin Chrissie is!

Tim Spagna - Christine your pictures are awesome you had a very nice wedding. i really enjoyed the mariachi band. Wish you and Juan happiness

Sharon - Christine & Juan – The photographs are amazing! Everything about the day was PERFECT from beginning to end. You two make a great couple. Thanks for letting us share Your day with you. Here’s to years and years of you two finding new ways to celebrate life together.

Robyn Hohman - Christine & Juan – Thank you for letting me witness your special day and your love for each other. The pictures are just beautiful. Here’s to a wonderful life together.

Tonja - Oh Chrissie…. YOU now take over the title “Most Beautiful Bride”! What an AWESOME day and you definitely picked the right people to capture it all for ya! Beautiful pics and perfectly displayed!

Laine DeWolf - Hi Chrissie. You look like a princess. I wish I could have a real crown like you. Thanks for letting my mom be in your wedding. I wish I had those Barbies. Can I have some gum next time you come over?

Sabrina Smith - These are beautiful!! Congrats you guys!

Kathy Miller - I love the black and white photos. Your photographer did a great job of capturing all the terrific moments of your wedding.

Jeannie Garcia - Absolutely stunning photos! They depict all the joy, happiness and sunshine that made up Christine and Juan’s wedding day.
The smiles of the beautiful bride,the georgous and colorful
flowers, and all the charming decor of the ceremony and the reception are now heartwarming memories that will last forever;
simply the best for a very special couple.

Angela Aleman - What beautiful pictures! Wishing you both all the love and happiness for years to come!

Nikki - Juan and Christine,
These pictures are beautiful ~ it looked like magical day!
So happy for you two, congratulations!

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