Christa & Josh {Wedding Day}

So on a day filled with happiness, sunny skies, and more laughs than you can possibly fit into one day – they did what they’d set out to do and had a great time while doing it!

Enjoy Christa & Josh’s wedding!

Christa is not a girly girl, so seeing her all done up with make up and in a dress was so pleasing!  She has no idea how glam she truly is!

and like most non-girly girls, she chose pink for the colors…  ???

Christa – you were ridiculously gorgeous on your wedding day.  Remember at the begining of the day when you said you were going to be sick of me by the reception?  And I then responded that you’d be loving the camera and be hamming it up like a super model?  Go ahead… I’ll wait for the “You were right.”

OWWWWW!  Speaking of super models.  Joshua James… you killed it with hotness.

Ring bearers and Flower girls either work with the camera, or scream at it.  These two… OWNED it!

So before we let wedding parties know to cheer for a shot, I often say to “Cheer like their kiss is the best thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life!”  I think some of the wedding party misinterpreted that for “Scream like their kiss is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life!”

Seriously… these kids are no joke.

Christa and Josh – Roger and I had one of the best days we can remember while shooting your wedding.  Your relaxed and easy going vibe was contagious, and instead of sweating the small stuff – everyone was able to just have fun, celebrate, and delight in your wedding day.  You two and your wedding party are a blast and we can’t thank you enough for bringing us along to capture it all!

Best Wishes and happiness to you all!!!

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Amanda Zika - Karin, you once called me the child whisperer (or something like that) but I think you stole that title from me with this wedding. That shot of the kids walking out the door and at the reception are unbelievable. I am in love!!!

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