Christa & Josh {Engaged}

Christa worked at a bowling alley, and as fate would have it – Josh bowled there on Friday nights.  She was secretly attracted to him, and finally he did what any macho man would do and had his cousin ask her out for him.  She likes to pretend that she had no interest and just gave into his cousin’s request, but secretly she was elated.  The y spent their first date hanging out with one another at the bowling alley on a cold winter’s night. While there was the usual awkwardness of a first date, Christa had never felt so comfortable in front of someone new.  Until that is he walked her outside when it was time to go.  Not only were they both nervous wether or not a kiss was appropriate, it was freezing and standing around in the cold contemplating what to do became more and more awkward.  Finally, Josh kissed her and she admits she was swept off her feet.

After spending time together you begin to know one another’s habits.  Like the fact that Christa always wears a certain necklace when she leaves the house.  Sometimes as time goes on – the other person becomes part of your rituals.  Like how now Josh always gets Christa that necklace before they leave – like clockwork.  So on August 1st – Josh asked Christa what she wanted to do for her birthday.  She decided she wanted to go putt putt golfing to start, and with that they got ready to go.  Before they left – like clockwork – Josh handed Christa her necklace.  Only this time there was a ring hanging from it.  He got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.  She admits she was swept off her feet yet again.

April 2011 they make it official and look forward to watching their relationship grow and reciting their vows.  And Christa looks forward to talking Josh into taking her last name.  😉  Enjoy their engagement photos!

PS – If we aren’t friends on Facebook, then you wouldn’t know that I posted about a session Roger and I did where the couple stepped into a nest of bees.  Christa and Josh were the victims of the bees’ wrath and were stung several times and continuously attacked while fleeing the grassy area the mean bees called home – about 5 photos into the session.  I think everyone needs to give them mad props for being able to smile after the incident.  Although both were not allergic, Josh did end up going to the doctor for his stings to the face.  Modeling is a dangerous profession folks.  Bee careful!

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Christa - I love the photos so much. Thank you both for such a great photo session (minus the bees)!!!!!

Tammy - Love them 🙂 you two are so cute toghether.

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