Chelsey & Derek {Wedding Day}

Some couples have a love that everyone sees.  That is so vibrant, that has such a spark that it can’t be missed.  Chelsey & Derek have that kind of love.  He adores her with every part of his soul.  When he looks at her, when he kisses the very tip of her nose, when he grabs her and tells her he loves her for no reason at all.  The way she respects him, is loyal to him, the way she can’t wait to grow old with him by her side.  This is visible by just being around this couple.  They are dynamic and cheerful by themselves, but together they have something magical.  And their wedding day was polished, and radiant just like them!  Enjoy Chelsey & Derek’s wedding day!!!Chelsey’s classic peacock vibe was all brought to life by the uber talented Gary for Loft and Home Florals.  He’s got such a creative eye, and coupled with Chelsey’s ideas, everything was jaw dropping!Speaking of jaw dropping… Chelsey, I knew you’d be a beautiful bride from the first time we met, I knew your dress would be stunning when you told me you’d gotten it in Chicago, but I had no idea how you would literally take my breath away.  You are phenomenal!  And Derek… I know your momma probably would prefer a photo of your beautiful smile – because Lord knows you have one! – but you look so fierce, so handsome, so much like a model in this shot that I could not resist.  Tell your momma we have plenty of you smiling… this one’s for the ladies!  oh snapMarried!!!!Chelsey & Derek’s church was TO DIE FOR.  The light in there was a photographer’s dream.  Rog and I still talk about it.  True story.So it’s just plain gorgeousness from here on out.  I can comment on every image about how sexy this couple is, but I’ll let you enter your own words of praise as you peruse their beauty!And for some more insanely stunning details…This peacock never moved the entire night.  He must be really trained.  😉

SO as if there wasn’t enough things to bedazzle you on this wedding day, Chelsey went ahead and brought the dramatic touch of a dress change to party in.  Keeping true to her peacock theme she was a STUNNER in this gorgeous dress!!!  I personally clapped for her.  Rog would like to let you know that he did not.  But he did say “wow, that dress is really sparkly” which means it was indeed fabulous.and the story wouldn’t be complete without a little more bling!

Chelsey & Derek… the two of you were made for one another.  We know there is so much greatness in your future and adore you both!  Cheers!!!

I know you want to see more, so watch this slideshow!!!

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Michelle - Beautiful photos (as always!) of what looks like a stunning wedding! I actually saw you shooting these at the Capital that day 🙂 Congrats to the couple!

Jamie Bomkamp - These photos are amazing. I cant say enough for them. It was a stunning wedding and the couple is stunning themselves. Roger and Karin you outdid yourself everything i have seen is exquisite.
thanks so much

Amanda Zika - I am in love with every single detail of this wedding. It is absolute perfection. And I am very jealous of the lighting in that church. I need to shoot every wedding there 🙂

Kelly - These pictures are stunning! What a beautiful wedding! I am doing a peacock theme and will definitely use your photos as inspiration! Thanks!

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