Catie D. {High School Senior}

We’ve known Catie for awhile now.  We photographed her brother’s senior session a few years ago, and anyone who knows us knows that session was one of our favorites of all time.  We also had the privilege of photographing her sister’s wedding last year and that was a day near and dear to our hearts as well.  One thing for certain – Catie’s parents have produced some amazing kids.  So, when we knew we’d be photographing Catie we were sure it was going to be fun – but we had no idea HOW fun.  We knew it would yield some great images – but we had no idea HOW great.  And we assumed it would be rewarding – but there was no way to know HOW rewarding it would be.  Catie rocked our world.  I looked forward to going through these photos way more than just your average session, and editing was fun vs a task. Enjoy Catie’s amazing senior session!!I don’t think I can possibly put into words how much the camera LOVES Catie.  She has amazing angles and eyes that just lock you in and captivate.  Her session could not have been more enjoyable!!Catie’s mom had the idea of photographing her with her dance costumes from throughout the years.  I’m pretty sure Catie had no idea that this idea would create some of our favorite images of the session, but wowza.  I’m fascinated by these.
I mean seriously.  Catie said she felt like she was in a scene from Narnia when we were in these pines.  LOL.  It is pretty darn magical.  😉Darn it Catie – you had Roger thinking he’s funnier than me.  I’m pretending like I said something funny for this shot.  Don’t tell him.  Maybe white men can’t jump, but Catie can.  The sky started to look very ominous and we were worried we wouldn’t get the entire session in.  And then something magical happened.  And we were able to use the moody sky to our advantage and get some dramatic shots.  LOVE THESE!!!

Catie – your session was SO much fun!!  It was such an honor to capture your senior photos.  With graduation this weekend we hope you think of all that you have to be proud of, and we look forward to watching you succeed in your future!!  Best wishes to you!!!

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Mary Lou Delaney - Karin,
I love,LOve,LOVE these! But no surprise there. I’m looking forward to seeing them all. Thank you for capturing my children’s images in such a wonderful way.

Mitzi Costello - Wow!! Karin, Catie, Mary Lou, These are absolutely gorgeous! Catie is an amazingly beautiful girl with the absolutely beautiful personality to go with it!! Wonderful pics,I too can’t wait to see them all!! (:

Barb Dugger - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady!!

Erin Asher - Wonderful!!! I had high expectations… but these surpassed them! I like the laughing one the best, but only because in that one she still looks like my little baby sister 🙂

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