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Erin & Jason {engaged}

Her sister told her that he was the incredibly sweet kind of guy who would find a way to compliment you even after working a 12 hour shift and looking your worst. “That sounds annoying. I hope he leaves me alone.” she said. And when she started working at the Pasta House with him, he did in fact leave her alone. And that was even more annoying.

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Jessica P. {Pre-Bridal}

Pre Bridal sessions were a staple of wedding photography in years past. A portrait of the bride would be displayed at the wedding reception and would then adorn a wall in the bride’s family home. Modern day Pre Bridal sessions have often been replaced with Trash the Dress sessions where brides can get down and dirty and get more unique looks without having to worry about ruining their dress. Either way you look at it, any excuse to wear your wedding dress beyond just the day of is a good one. I personally love a pre bridal session as it gives a soon to be bride the opportunity to basically have a trial run before the wedding day. Jessica’s pre bridal helped her fine tune her birdcage veil and figure out some issues with her dress, but the best part was that it put her at ease on her wedding day.

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Guest Blogger on Wish Upon a Wedding

We have been given the honor of capturing the video of the wedding today of Lance & Tina – Wish Upon a Wedding St.Louis’s most recent couple. We could not be more blessed for this opportunity and cannot wait to be a part of their beautiful day today!! No matter what the weather decides to do, the love in the room will provide all the light that is needed.

I was fortunate enough to be able to share my personal story to why Wish Upon a Wedding is so important to me with a guest blog post on their blog after sharing the story with the founder Liz. This amazing woman is responsible for bringing joy to couples across the US and is so deeply touched by their stories. We are so lucky to have someone with the forsight to start this wonderful organization and to facilitate so many chapters across the United States. She was touched enough with my story to give me the opportunity to share it on their Nation website. I am SO thankful that she allowed me to share a story about a woman who encompasses all that Wish Upon a Wedding is about – my friend Nikki.

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Lauren & Mark {Engaged}

To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement. He literally – after knowing her 3 days – saved her from a tornado. From that very moment, she knew. Everything before that day was a little crazy, and everything after was one surprise after another. But Mother Nature brought Mark & Lauren closer than they could have imagined, and nothing else life throws at them will tear them apart. In a whirlwind of moments where their past becomes their future, they look forward to saying “I do” and becoming a family… just maybe in a different order.

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Stacy & Nate {Engaged}

It was grade school. He was 7. She was 8. They were probably more interested in Elmer’s Glitter Glue and PBJs than they were in each other at that point. How could you know that the boy who lives down the street would be the person you’d someday marry?

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