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Follow The Light…

That’s a Poltergeist refrence in honor of Halloween. Hopefully you all aren’t too old for one of the creepiest movies known to man. Tyra Banks says it too – which let’s face it – she can be scary as well. The point? A little lesson in photography for those of you out there who wonder why in the world Roger and I are constantly speaking about “the light”. You see, for photographers, it is ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT. Good light, bad light, ultimate light, harsh light, not enough light… theres about a ZILLION different lights.

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10 sixteen

We took a self portrait at the end of the night with our Kodak 4MP camera. We sat on the chair in the bedroom of that log cabin, and while that entire day was a blur – that moment is etched in my soul. I remember feeling that nothing in the world was ever going to shake us. That whatever we wanted, we’d achieve. Ambitious and determined. That THIS was the beginning of something great. When I look at all the little moments within the past 7 years since that instance, I think of achievements, conquering life’s difficulties hand in hand, little gestures to lift one another’s spirits, and the fact that if we took that self portrait today – I’d still feel that this was the beginning of something great.

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Behind the scenes {What happens in the office…}

This blog has been all business for months now.  A blog follower asked recently “What about your personal blogs?  What’s been going on?”  Plenty of stuff has been going on, and we’ll be darned if we haven’t neglected to share it.  Our life is actually more than just taking photos, editing, and work.  Ever wonder what a day behind our computers look like?

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Guest Blogger on Wish Upon a Wedding

We have been given the honor of capturing the video of the wedding today of Lance & Tina – Wish Upon a Wedding St.Louis’s most recent couple. We could not be more blessed for this opportunity and cannot wait to be a part of their beautiful day today!! No matter what the weather decides to do, the love in the room will provide all the light that is needed.

I was fortunate enough to be able to share my personal story to why Wish Upon a Wedding is so important to me with a guest blog post on their blog after sharing the story with the founder Liz. This amazing woman is responsible for bringing joy to couples across the US and is so deeply touched by their stories. We are so lucky to have someone with the forsight to start this wonderful organization and to facilitate so many chapters across the United States. She was touched enough with my story to give me the opportunity to share it on their Nation website. I am SO thankful that she allowed me to share a story about a woman who encompasses all that Wish Upon a Wedding is about – my friend Nikki.

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