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Megan + Justin {love story}

Megan and Justin went to the same high school, and even though they were only one year apart in grade and shared mutual friends they didn’t know one another. It wasn’t until ten years later when they would meet officially. Soon after a friend mentioned “I know a guy who thinks you are the most […]

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Taylor + Andrew {Love Story}

They were both at a local bar – both waiting for friends.  A conversation was struck up.  Between the laughs and easy conversation the night was over before Andrew and Taylor knew it.  They text one another when they got home and it was obvious that they enjoyed the other’s company.  Neither were looking for […]

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Sophie + Mike {love story}

“If I find your wife, can I be your best man?” Mike’s friend Ryan asked as he helped him look through prospective matches on  The girl they decided to wink at was Sophie, and Ryan is indeed Mike’s best man. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He was new to and had […]

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