Carrie + Neal {love story}

There was an upcoming hayride planned and Carrie’s brother was working on a wagon for the big event.  When he thought he had everything ready to go he decided he needed to do a trial run. He and his friends invited a bunch of friends to come test it out. One of Neal’s friends happened to be one of Carrie’s brother’s friends and he brought Neal along for the ride.  When Neal showed up, Carrie noticed him immediately.  She just had a feeling that she if she didn’t find out who Neal was she would regret it. They rode along on the ride discretely checking one another out, but by the second stop Carrie finally got the courage to get up and go talk to Neal.  And that’s all it took, because the two have been inseperable ever since.
They spend their days together going for long drives in the evenings to talk about life, hanging out at the lake, sharing their dreams for the future over ice cream, and relaxing with family and friends.  On Good Friday they were preparing to head over to Neal’s parents to have supper and enjoy the evening and as they were almost ready to go,  Carrie walked into the bedroom to Neal down on one knee with a ring in his hand.  He asked her to be his wife, and of course she said yes.
Enjoy a sneak peek at Carrie and Neal’s gorgeous engagement session!!

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